Why Does my Dog ​​bark so Much at Night?

 A dog in the night. Image of the project 'Black dogs'. / Fred Levy
A dog in the night. Image of the project 'Black dogs'. / Fred Levy

There are different reasons why your dog barks at night. We go to a canine educator to explain what happens to your dog

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You are in the silence of the night lying on your bed, that moment so desired at the end of the day. And you still have not caught the dream when you hear the neighbor's dog barks you barking. You can even have the bad luck that that bark spreads to other dogs and ends half a neighborhood with the soundtrack of "wow, wow, wow, wow" . It is inevitable to be irritated by this situation, but it may help you to know that there are different reasons, related to behavior, that make a dog bark so much at night . Just as it can help you understand what the barks are for them.

Different factors

When we moved to Chufa and I to our last house, the dog barked almost any new noise, especially at night. When we heard the creak of the door, when someone was passing by the street, a car parked at the door or passing smelling a cat or a dog by our facade. That lasted little and he corrected himself quickly. Because for her they were new situations, from the house itself to all those noises, and she had to warn me in some way.

That your dog barks at night has a bit related to the latter: needs to capture your attention in some way to communicate something . And this need, which for him is urgent, can be a symptom of some problems or deficits in the routine of your beloved dog. It can be signs of lack of exercise or boredom, bad habits on your part that end up influencing your education.

Normal vs. The pathological

The first thing to understand why your dog barks so much at night is to differentiate between what is considered normal and pathological. For example, if a dog is accustomed to a schedule, to a routine and one day something happens at random that breaks with it, the dog will react, the dog barks. For example, "the bell rings at 3 o'clock in the morning. It is normal for the dog to react to an unusual stimulus. If that happens a couple of times a year, it enters into normal because it is something that anyone would react to: getting tense before something unusual "explains the educator Sergio Tallón, Senda Canina.

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Now, a very different circumstance is that your dog barks all the blessed nights. If so, we leave what is considered normal and may be due to other reasons: it assumes the role of watchdog, because it is insecure or scary, because it is a very frustrated dog or the dog barks purely emotionally, among others.

 Boredom can be one of the causes of barking.
Boredom can be one of the causes of barking.


How does your dog acquire the role of watchdog? "He is a dog that goes out little, has little life outside the house and ends up becoming that guard dog. There are people who look for that, and others who do not but without realizing it is creating -says the canine educator-. This dog reacts to any type of stimulus that may be considered rare and increases at night . When there is more silence, he perceives more stimuli that go unnoticed during the day and barks before them ".

An insecure dog

Another reason that would explain the barking of your dog happens because it is a dog Insecure, a scary dog. Before the muteness of the night, your dog feels more noises that catch more relevance for him at night. "The dog reacts and barks. Many of those reactions of the dog do not cease to be a "hey, disappear from there already, go away" "notes the Senda Canina.

According to the experience of Sergio Tallón, both the watchdog as the fearful "have learned that barking things disappear. This means that if I am in the yard of my house -from the mind of the dog-, a dog passes by my door and I start to bark, the intruder dog 'disappears' because it continues on its way , but our dog thinks that he has thrown it, grows and barks ".

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 Dogs can bark also by emotional contagion.
Dogs can bark also by emotional contagion.

Frustrated dogs

The third reason dogs would be frustrated dogs. "They are not guard dogs, but when not receiving the necessary stimulation they are more tense than the account situation that causes them to jump to the minimum. It can be with something you hear outside the home; or simply that I get up to go to the bathroom at dawn and the dog reactivates listening to this situation. The dog is so tense that it reacts to anything "explains the dog educator consulted by Wamiz.

By emotional contagion

Your dog can also bark at night for what is known as contagion emotional . That is, "when there are several dogs that perform a behavior, a close dog empathizes with that behavior, it does too. Sometimes it is as a defense mechanism or as a way of facing general stimuli -says Sergio-. P or example, you go for a walk with your dog and suddenly a rabbit comes out. Only he sees it, gets very excited, runs and barks after him, others 'get infected' and do the same ". This moved to the night, can go through what was discussed at the beginning. It begins on "wow, wow " of a dog and spreads to half neighborhood.

How to avoid it

Our dogs are social beings, they like to relate to other animals and humans. They have difficulties managing the loneliness that can come from that break with their usual routine, from boredom or that does not receive the necessary encouragement. It is very important that your dog burn energy through physical exercise and have an active mind to have a balanced behavior. Something that we will talk about in a future article, how to make your dog bark less at night.

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