With This Gadget You Can Translate The Meows of Your Cat!

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In Japan they have developed a device capable of interpreting the meows of cats to bring the relationship with their owners to an unknown level so far.

Who has never wanted to know what your cat is saying? What does that mean meow mean? Or what does it mean when it meows so badly? Perhaps you have a slight idea, but in Japan they have thought that this is not enough and they have proposed to reach a new level in the relationship between humans and their cats. Because it could not be anywhere else, it's a gadget that interprets more than two hundred types of meows and that, in theory, is capable of translate them into more than twenty different emotions, which, without a doubt, would suppose an impressive advance in the understanding of our feline friends. Then we leave you with the promotional video of the device so you can get an idea of ​​how it works.

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As you have seen in the video that we have attached to you on these lines, the operation of the device is very simple. Simply it is enough to approach your animal in a listening position and it will return a message with what your cat wanted to say with his last meow. The device is called Meowlingual and it has a very high price for the moment, since it costs 195 euros. This way it will be much easier to give him food when he is hungry or play with him when he feels like making a fuss. Although it is true that who lives with a cat for years has learned to interpret their way each of their meows and in a very high percentage that interpretation often differs little from reality.

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