You Should Treat Your Dog … Like a Dog

And we give you 8 tips

Yes, it is often said that "let him be a dog", "no humanices", or "treat him like a dog, which is what he is …". And that we are going to do, treat the dogs as they deserve …

1. Communicate with your dog clearly. He does not know your language (although it seems that way) and for that reason we must communicate in a clear way, associating words with gesture and actions. Always in the same way and clearly.

2. Let him do dog things. How to sniff all kinds of things (yes, trash too), wander, bark, and splash when you drink.

3. Do not have false expectations. No. Sorry, your dog is not like that of the movie you saw … Although it's much better because it's yours. And that's why you should know him and expect from him what he can offer you, no more.

4. Respect him as an individual. Your dog is different from everyone else, it is unique, and that is why it has its tastes, its preferences and even its manias. Your dog is an individual and you should not compare it with any other.

5. Keep your dog hygiene! A dog is not washed every day, not every week. Brush daily and wash from time to time, but not as a human because it is not.

6. Worry about your education. The better a dog has, the happier you will be. Spend time every week training your dog or remembering what you have learned. It is the best time spent.

7. Feed him dog things. And that they are good clear. Current high-end feeds are excellent, and dogs do not need more. Another issue is that we want to "reward" our conscience.

8. And above all, be aware that you are not a human. And that is why he must have his dog things, his dog habits, his dog behaviors and his living with humans like a dog. Y a dog for the human is a companion and support for all kinds of tasks.

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