Backpack For Cats: Which is The Best of 2021?

Cats are animals of habit, but sometimes it is very necessary to leave the house and travel to other destinations. For the trip to be comfortable, it requires elements that help, such as a backpack. It can also happen, although it is rare, that your feline loves to discover new places, and to do it safely you need a bag.

There are different backpacks on the market, adapted to different cats and also adjusted according to the type of travel or the means of transport you are going to use. In the following lines we help you understand this market more. And we will also help you to get to know your cat better and we will give you tips to make any trip a comfortable experience for your pet.

The most important

Backpack for cats
  • If your cat is not comfortable traveling and if it is not strictly necessary, leave him at home. If he loves to see new places or you need to take him to another place, the backpack is the safest and most comfortable option there is.
  • Before leaving home, even if it is protected in its backpack, a cat must have certain vaccinations and it is recommended that it have a chip in case it gets lost. There are chemicals, such as mild sedatives, that can be helpful if your cat is nervous on travel. But it must be prescribed by a veterinarian.
  • There are basic aspects to look at when buying a backpack, such as that the ventilation is ideal, that the material is comfortable or does not overheat when the sun hits the bag a lot.

The best cat backpacks on the market: our favorites

In this section you will see a compilation of the five most popular backpacks for transporting cats on the market. In addition, we have summarized and highlighted its main characteristics so that it is easier for you to know each of the products. Thus, you can choose which is the backpack that you and your cat will like the most.

  • The best backpack for cat
  • Your backpack for small cats
  • The extendable cat backpack
  • A bubble backpack for cats
  • Your backpack for big cats

The best backpack for cat

Looking for a good, nice and cheap cat backpack? Well, here you have it and we have loved it, like most buyers. It is capsule type and has an “advantage” so that you can see your pet at all times.

It is made of quality polycarbonate, with Oxford cloth and acrylic cover.
Its dimensions are 42 cm X 32 cm X 29 cm and it is perfect for a cat weighing less than 13 kg. It will captivate you!

Your backpack for small cats

This bag is created to adapt to public transport, such as airplanes or trains, and is recommended for cats that weigh less than 5 kg, which is why we have chosen it. It is made of canvas and mesh, and is resistant to water and intense heat. It is easy to wash and transport, as it is foldable.

Buyers note that it is quite rigid and very practical. It has an internal harness to hold the animals.

The extendable cat backpack

This extendable cat backpack is ideal if you have pets of different sizes, we love it! Its size expands up to 90% and includes breathability windows on three different sides.

In addition, it includes a breathable, shock and decompression resistant honeycomb mesh elastic sponge back pad that releases pressure and moves easily. It is not the cheapest, but it is ideal!

A bubble backpack for cats

This kind of capsule or bubble has an exterior made of high-quality PC, while inside it has Oxford cloth. It is waterproof and breathable. It has a hemisphere like a window that can be changed for a mesh in summer, we like it very much!

It has 3 holes on both sides to keep air flow and a side pocket to store your pet’s things. It can be purchased in various colors. Do not miss it!

Your backpack for big cats

This peculiar backpack can carry cats up to 10 kg in weight. It is a mesh carry bag, spacious and foldable, that’s why we liked it so much. Its dimensions are 38 cm x 32cm x 42 cm and it has 3 mesh sides to facilitate breathability.

The zippered closure and wire frame make the bag more stable, with a strong base so it won’t deform. It is very comfortable and users give it 4.5 out of 5 stars, that’s nothing!

What you should know about cat backpacks

Before buying a cat backpack, you need to understand why you need it. In the following lines we will help you learn more about this market and about the habits of these pets.

Remember that cats are very routine, so they do not always have to like going outside. But sometimes it is necessary and sometimes it will help them with their hobbies.

When does my cat need a backpack?

If you need to take your cat out of the house for activities such as going to the vet, going on a trip or taking it to a relative’s house during your vacation, it is essential to transport it in a comfortable and, above all, safe way. Carriers were the most comfortable method for this until backpacks for felines arrived on the market, much more comfortable for you and the animal.

If you need to make a trip in public transport or in your car, by law, the cat must be put in a bag or box that meets certain requirements in terms of measurements and that most backpacks meet. Also, if your cat has a tendency to run away, she may need to get out of the house, so she may enjoy nature excursions from your backpack.

What are the advantages of using a backpack to transport my cat, compared to other methods?

Backpack for cats

When it comes to taking your pet home to take it to other places or to use some transport, you need help. A loose cat could run out of fright or instinct, which can make going out into the street very dangerous.

What vaccinations should I give my cat before taking it outside in its backpack?

Cats that are always at home are more protected from being able to contract diseases. There are some vaccines that you should give him in all cases. But if you are going to take it out of the house, either with a harness or with a backpack, it is even more important to have your pet protected. If it is a baby, the vaccination process must begin when it is two months old.

Veterinarians recommend the trivalent vaccine for all cats, and the leukemia vaccine for animals that may come into contact with stray cats. Therefore, if you are going to take your cat outside, it is recommended that you wear both. The trivalent vaccine is made in three layings and the leukemia vaccine is completed in two.

Is it necessary for my cat to leave the house in a backpack?

The backpack is essential if you have to go out by obligation. But remember that cats are animals of habit and, in most cases, they will not have the need to leave their home. Now, although it is not usual, there are very curious kittens who will need to go outside and change of scene from time to time.

Life within the four walls of a house can be very monotonous for some cats. That can lead to some cats being very naughty, as they get bored and somehow have to discharge their energy. You have to take a good look at your pet’s tastes. Do not force him to leave if it is not necessary and do it if you see that it is fun.

Can I travel the world with my cat and a backpack?

The image of a traveler visiting beautiful places with his best feline friend is endearing. But a cat is not a dog and these animals can be very stressed by changes. You can only go on a trip with your cat if you see that he is comfortable. And it is not common.

If you see that you love to go out to see new places, then it may be an option. Always bearing in mind that a cat is a living being and not a toy, so your trip must constantly adapt to the needs of the kitten. And you will have to find accommodations that accept pets and transports that allow you to take the cat with you.

Can my cat get dizzy traveling inside his backpack?

If your pet is not used to traveling or leaving home, but it is really necessary to do so, avoid giving him food and water in the hours before the trip. Cats can become dizzy and vomit, which will make their journey very heavy due to the discomfort of a stomach cramp. It is best if you give him his food three hours before, so he can rest.

You can also go to the vet and ask if he can prescribe a syrup that helps your cat not vomit. There are, and it will be the expert who will tell you if it is convenient to give it or not. It always depends on the hours that the trip you are going to do is going to suppose. Some recommend putting Bach flowers near the animal.

What can I do if my cat does not want to use his backpack, but we need to travel with it?

It may happen that your cat associates the backpack with situations in which it is mandatory to leave the house, such as visits to the vet, and that is why it does not want to get into this carrier. To make the trip a pleasant situation, keep the backpack open the days before at home, with a toy and in a part of the house that your pet likes.

To associate the backpack with pleasant sensations, you can put his favorite toys in the open backpack. You can also reward him with a treat that your cat likes when he enters the backpack. It is very important that you feel that space as yours so that a trip is pleasant and not a trauma for the kitten.

What can you put in the backpack to make it easier for my cat to eliminate?

If you are going to take a long trip with your cat in his backpack, he will probably need to urinate or defecate. There are two options to help you keep your backpack clean in these cases. There are disposable boxes like a litter box that you can put in the bag and clean when your pet has used it to fulfill its needs.

There are also so-called soakers, which will collect urine and are easily interchangeable so that the backpack is kept clean and your cat can be comfortable. The good thing about underpads is that there are brands created especially to absorb odors and they are waterproof, so they will help keep your backpack clean.

Where in the car should I place the cat backpack on a trip?

During a car trip, the jack must be well restrained, for your safety, so that it cannot be thrown off when braking, for example. And for everyone’s safety: If you get nervous and stand at the driver’s feet, this could have serious consequences, as it would affect good driving. You must hook the backpack to the seat belt.

Many backpacks come with a specific hook for this purpose. If not, you can buy it separately. For added stability, the jack may be more comfortable if you place the backpack on the floor of the vehicle instead of leaving it on the seat. The gap between the front and rear seats is a good place.

What extra items can you use to make the backpack trip more enjoyable for your cat?

Backpack for cats

In addition to offering a stable, comfortable space that can be kept clean with underpads and that is properly ventilated, there are small aids that we can use if we see that our cat is not happy traveling. If you like it and do well, these aids will not be necessary. Only keep them in mind if you see your cat suffer from having to move:

  • Synthetic pheromones: they are substances that generate odors familiar to cats, which gives them security.
  • Sedatives: If you see that your cat is stressed too much, you can go to the vet to see the possibility of prescribing a sedative so that it sleeps on the trip.
  • Bach flowers: There are those who prefer natural tranquilizers, such as these plants.
  • Toy: Put his favorite toy in his backpack so that he feels the proximity of a familiar object or the blanket where he usually rests.

Can I travel with my cat by bus if it is in its backpack?

Buses are probably the strictest means of transport when traveling with an animal and therefore the least recommended method. The most common thing is that the bus companies do not allow you to take the animal with you, even if you have an approved backpack, and that the cat must travel in the hold, so it would have to go alone.

Veterinarians say that a trip in the hold or trunk can be very traumatic for a cat. There are companies with extra services that do allow you to take the animal with you. You must look carefully so that it is so and, if not, better find another transport alternative. It can be hard for a cat to travel by now, so make sure it doesn’t have to go alone in the hold. Also, the same care applies when using a cat harness.

Can my cat be with me on the plane if it is in a backpack?

The vast majority of airlines in the world allow you to board the plane with your cat as long as you carry an approved backpack with the required measurements. Normally, when you go to buy a backpack, you will find the specific measurements of the product. You should compare if it is the size of hand luggage that is allowed, or smaller.

The common thing is that the company asks the passenger to pay extra money to carry their pet, in advance. Therefore, when buying a plane ticket it is necessary to observe the option that expresses that you want to travel with pets. The normal thing is that, together with the ticket you buy, the firm gives you instructions on the procedure to take your cat with you.

Purchase criteria

When you go to buy a backpack to travel with your cat, it is very important that you do it in an informed way and that you evaluate some aspects, both of your pet and the product. Here we summarize the most important elements to take into account so that you make the appropriate decision. It is very important that your cat is comfortable on his outings.

  • Colour
  • Size
  • materials
  • Weight
  • Features

It is common for cat backpacks on the market to be black in color. Probably, because this way they can adapt to a large number of users and their tastes. Let’s not forget that black combines practically with all colors. Now, as it attracts the heat of the sun, when you buy a black backpack, make sure it specifies that it resists high temperatures.

Your pet must be comfortable inside the bag, without running the risk that the heat could harm its health. Anyway, there are brands that offer several colors to choose from and there is the possibility of finding backpacks with different shades and styles if you are looking for something different or striking. Color will matter more to you than your pet.

There are several factors to consider when looking at the size of a cat backpack. On the one hand, it has to fit our back in a way that is comfortable and easy to transport. On the other hand, our cat must fit loosely. An animal should not be cowering for many hours because it can be very annoying and uncomfortable.

Therefore, look at the comments of people who have cats of a similar size and weight to your pet to decide. Also, if you travel a lot by plane, look for a backpack that is accepted by the airlines as carry-on luggage in terms of measurements. There are many adapted and that specify it. There are more options for small cats than for large ones.

It is important that the backpack is soft to support the weight of the animal’s body, that the material does not get too hot in the sun and that it protects from the cold in winter. For you, who have to carry your backpack, you should use a material that does not make your back sweat and that cannot damage your shoulders. There are different materials. For example, we have these:

  • Polyurethane. It is widely used in backpacks in general and, especially, in those that are created for cats, since they are impervious to rain.
  • PVC plastic. A very hard plastic, common in the so-called “astronaut backpacks” because of the impression they give of being a mini spacecraft for the cat.
  • Polyester. One of the most common fibers in the textile industry. It is also resistant to rain. It is a plastic widely used in clothing because it is very cheap.
  • Mesh. Whatever the backpack, it must have several meshes, which are usually nylon, that allow fresh air to pass inside the bag for the well-being of your cat.
  • Polyethylene foam. It is a soft and very common foam for the back of the backpack and for the lower part, where the animal perches.

Taking into account that, you will probably have to carry the backpack for a long time, and the weight is put by the animal, it is convenient that you make sure that the product you are going to buy is light. Also because in public transport, like an airplane, you have limitations. Very heavy items are not allowed in the cabin. And your pet already supposes a few kilos.

In addition to the main compartment, in which you are going to transport your pet, you can see that the backpack has several useful functions. It must be said that the vents are essential and that is why we will not put them here, since it is something that all cat backpacks have. Here we are going to see some of the accessories that your ideal bag can have:

  • Pockets to transport your cat’s objects: Some backpacks have side or front pockets where you can put your pet’s objects or your personal ones.
  • Harness strap: Many cat backpacks have an interior strap that is used to tie it to your cat’s harness, thus giving you the option of opening the backpack wide without risk of your pet escaping.
  • Hook for the car: Many special backpacks for cats have a hook to put on the seat belt and thus comply with road safety regulations.
  • Hook for extra utensils: Some backpacks come with an attached feeder or drinker. Others, only with hooks that allow you to put this bowl yourself.
  • Front straps: So that the weight of your pet does not fall only on your shoulders, some backpacks have front straps so that you can put them on your hips and thus make the bag more comfortable.


When you go to choose the backpack that you are going to buy for your pet it is very important that you look at the size, weight and quality of the materials. Remember that not all cats like to travel. If your cat is one of these, carry it in its backpack only when it is really necessary. If you are bored at home and are very curious, these well-prepared bags will be great allies.

You also have to observe that the backpack is going to be comfortable for you to transport and that it is approved to be able to carry it in different public transport. If you are not allowed to take your feline with you, it may be better to avoid the trip, since leaving it in the cellar can be very traumatic for this animal fond of its customs.