Beginner’s Guide to Understanding CBD Products for Pets in Canada

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding CBD Product s for Pets in Canada

In the world of CBD pet products, it’s important to understand how cannabidiol affects dogs before you go out and buy something.

But more so than that, there are tons of other things that Canadians can familiarize themselves with before they come to a purchasing decision. That’s why we’re here to give you a beginner’s guide to doing just that. In this article, we will go over the most important things with CBD products for pets in Canada.

Is CBD Good For Pets?

Before we even dive into the subject, we have to look at whether CBD is good for pets. And the short answer is yes, it absolutely is. CBD affects all mammals thanks to the endocannabinoid system. Both humans and pets are quite susceptible to the effects of cannabidiol.

If you’re a complete rookie and have no idea what cannabidiol is, then that’s something to touch on as well. Cannabidiol is a compound of hemp, which Canadians use to turn into all kinds of products. From all these products, we also have products specially designed for pets.

CBD is only one compound of the hemp plant. This plant is home to hundreds of others, of which THC might sound familiar to some of our Canadian readers. THC, as some of you might know, is a compound that gets people high. It is more present in marijuana than hemp, and that is something very important to know.

Hemp might have THC, but in relatively smaller quantities. Even so, CBD products cannot be legally sold in Canada if they contain more than 0.3% of THC. This amount is nowhere capable enough to get you or your pet high. That is why CBD products are safe for pets.

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What Should You Look For In CBD Products?

With all that said, pets do react differently to cannabidiol. It’s safe to assume that their systems aren’t as perfectly designed as ours. So it might be worth your time to look for the best products before you actually settle on one.

Luckily for you, we will tell you exactly how to find the best CBD products for your pet. To do that, make sure to continue reading.

Look For Beneficial Ingredients

CBD pet products are made with the intent of alleviating problems and conditions in pets. Thus, Canadians should make it a top priority to look for the products that are made with the most beneficial of ingredients for pets.

One ingredient that not only do pets love but is quite beneficial is omega 3. The ingredient is excellent for stopping inflammation. This, in accordance with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, makes it one of the ingredients to look for when buying CBD products. Another benefit of omega 3 is that it helps in the healing of wounds in pets.

In addition to omega 3, always look for organic ingredients. It’s quite common for CBD pet products to contain artificial scents and tastes. While these do draw the pets to them, they can be quite harmful since they are inorganic.

So, the emphasis on looking for beneficial and organic ingredients is something that every Canadian pet owner should do before purchasing CBD products.

Know How Much To Give

One thing that most Canadian pet owners have no clue is how much CBD to give their pets. And this is a perfectly legitimate question to ask. So, how do you properly dose when it comes to pets?

Well, for starters, we should mention that, yet again, our dogs and cats have very different organisms to ours. So dosage is extremely important when it comes to pets. Most CBD products for pets do tell us how much of the product we should give.

While CBD is safe for pets, it should go without saying that owners should pay more attention to this one. Thus, to know how to properly dose, simply follow the instructions on the product.

Look For Lab Results

Buying a quality product is of utmost importance when it comes to cannabidiol and pets. Fortunately, CBD manufacturers in Canada are obliged to provide customers with a report of the lab results. This is very important as it tells customers what the product contains. It tells whether the product contains metals and chemicals, cannabidiol content, other cannabinoid contents, and of course, THC content.

This is vital information that helps Canadians make a correct purchasing decision. If the lab results aren’t good, then you’re better off buying another product that shows promising results.

The best way to give CBD to pets is to give them a quality product. You should never settle for anything less than that. For more details, this page makes a great comparison of leading brands.

What Does CBD Help Pets With?

So now that you know how CBD affects pets and how to correctly buy products, why exactly do we give CBD to pets? What are the actual benefits of doing that? Let’s find out.

For Osteoarthritis

Probably the most common reason why Canadian pet owners turn to CBD is osteoarthritis. This is a condition that usually develops in aging dogs. It is said that one in five dogs suffer from it. The condition makes it difficult to walk as it affects the joints. More so, it causes pets, and especially dogs, a lot of pain.

For Epilepsy

Yet another benefit of cannabidiol for pets is for epilepsy. Epilepsy manifests itself through seizures. If anyone has had a pet suffer from seizures, then you probably know that it isn’t a good sight. Thus, giving CBD products is a great way to help lessen the harmful effects of epilepsy and reduce seizure attacks.

For Anxiety

If you have no idea what CBD can help your pet with, then this one probably comes as a surprise. It’s not only chronic issues that cannabidiol can help your pet easily cope with. Quite the contrary, CBD is quite helpful when dealing with everyday issues such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

You’d also be surprised to find out just how easy it is for pets to suffer from all three, especially anxiety. Dogs in particular are very easily susceptible to many forms of anxiety. At most, puppies have a hard time dealing with separation. Once you leave the house, they think you’re long gone and never returning. This creates an anxious feeling that won’t go away any time soon. So one way to help them cope with these feelings is to give CBD.

For Many More Conditions

Apart from these three, CBD is beneficial for pets in many other ways. Some of them include for appetite, for sleep, for pain, for dementia, for improving mood, and many more. Before you decide to give CBD to your pet, make sure to do the necessary research and talk to your vet.

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