Best Dog Shock Collar
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Best Dog Shock Collar: Things You Should Know Before Buying

Before buying a dog shock collar, learn from the experts. Discover the best options and make an informed decision.

Dog shock collars are commonly used when enforcing rules between you and your dog. It doesn’t matter if you want your dog to stop barking in the park where you walk it every day, or at home, where your neighbors are equally annoyed. Before buying the shock collar, you must read the article and check the top rated dog shock collar reviews and details guide from DogCollarZone.Com.

What is the best dog shock collar?

There are three types of dog collars available: shock collars, ultrasonic collars, and spray collars. The shock collars are also known as the static collars, because they release a harmless low volt electric shock to your dog’s neck as a result of its incessant barking. The ultrasonic collars sense when the dog barks, and so as a result of that, it sends an annoying noise that dogs don’t like, although people can’t hear it because it’s beyond the range of what we can hear. The last type of collar is the spray collar, which squirts out a liquid that is totally harmless to the dog, but it is totally irritating at the same time to the dog.

The most popular type of dog collar right now is the dog shock collar. These shock collars perform in two different ways, which you get to choose from. When you purchase a shock collar for your dog, you decide if you want to control whenever it shocks the dog, or if the collar itself automatically performs. If you want the collar to perform on its own, then no worries, because that is exactly what it will do when it senses that your dog is barking. If you want to make the collar shock your dog when it is misbehaving, then that is beyond simplicity. When you buy a dog shock collar, you can buy one with a remote control that has a button on it. When your dog is misbehaving, then just press the button, and it shocks your dog. These types of collars work with the remote up to 600 feet away!

At first, your dog may not notice that it was actually ‘shocked,’ but after a while, as the collar, or you, keep shocking it, your pooch will notice a pattern there, and eventually your dog will know that you are shocking it because of its annoying barking that drives everyone around crazy.

If your dog starts to bark even more as a result of the shocking, then level it down, as in, don’t shock it so often. You aren’t supposed to shock in order to give your dog a panic attack. You are supposed to be shocking your dog to stop the habit. In fact, dog shock collars don’t just come in just one action. It can do three actions: shock the dog, vibrate the dog’s neck, and also send a sound that it does not like, even though it is not an ultrasonic collar.

Dog shock collars don’t have to be used only when the dog barks. If your dog doesn’t have a barking problem, then buy the remote kind, so you can control anything you don’t want your dog doing. For example, if your dog has aggression problems, and your dog is growing at a guest that came over, then shock the dog. This method can be used on a dog that is 6 months old, or a dog that is at the least 8 pounds.

As your dog gets better accustomed to the shocking, and stops barking so much, then I would first of all recommend using the collar less and less. When your dog only barks occasionally, I would take that as a signal and I would stop using the shock function, and stick with the vibrating and sound function.

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