Why Do Cats Cough Up Hairballs?

Anyone who owns a cat has probably experienced stepping on an icky, yucky, slimy, fluffy and wet hairball. It may be in different situations but surely it was an experience no cat owner would really want to experience twice.

Why do cats cough up hairballs? You may ask. Why do cats, which happen to be the most adored and famous pets in the world, have to do something so revolting and why do you, the one who loves and owns them, need to step on these hairballs one way or the other?

Well, hairballs are actually products of the cat’s grooming. You might have seen your lovely and adorable feline licking itself while you to are bumming around the living room, slouching on your couch, eating Lays and watching your favorite reality TV show. It so happens that this licking process, that is a natural habit of your feline baby, which is your cat’s way of cleaning and grooming itself is the cause of that slimy thing which must not be named and mentioned especially on the dinner table. As your cat cleans itself through its tongue, it accidentally swallows its dead fur. If this stays in their tummy and not washed out of their system, it piles up and becomes bigger and then clogs the stomach of your cat. Now if it can’t go through down there, it will surely go out the different way. Alas you have an icky, yucky, slimy, fluffy and wet hairball ready to be stepped on.

This is actually natural but of course something not something we desire to happen in our own homes. If this happens frequently, you the pet owner, who loves your cat very much must switch to panic mode and pay attention to your cat’s excessive hairball hacking. If your cat’s hairball hacking turns to be alarming, you’ve got to see your vet right away and have your cat checked. Of course your vet knows the answer to any of your feline inquiries.

Now that we have answered the question “ Why do cats cough up hairballs?”, let us now work on the next question that we will surely ask next; “How can we get them to stop?”. Here are some tips on what to do when your cat coughs up hairballs.

  • Removing the dead fur yourself. – The more dead fur you take away from your cat when you do its cleaning and grooming, the less hair your cat might or will ingest. Getting to the core of the problem first before they do can really help your cat out.
  • Fiber and more fiber. – It’s just like why we need fiber when we get constipated. If you furnish your cat with more fiber, the more help it gets in flashing away those trapped hair through the right pipe. You can actually give your cat extra fiber supplement alternately or you can also purchase cat food products that are made high in fiber.
  • Lubricants. – Some commercial lubricants that are actually in the market for the taking can help your cat dispose of the hair. They may enjoy the taste of some lubricants so it won’t be difficult for you to make your cat take it. You can just put it in your cat’s nose or have your cat lick it right from your fingers.

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