Cost of Havanese Puppies – What You Need To Know About Havanese Puppy

Havanese Puppies may sound familiar, that’s because they are. The Havanese puppies are official dogs of Cuba which makes them different from the rest. The name must not be widely known as some other popular breed of dogs, but that shouldn’t worry you if you are planning to adopt one of your own. 

The Maltese-type dog is a small dog with expressive eyes, long, silky hairs that just looks like a broom walking around the house. In fact, some owners are happy that they don’t need to use a broom when Havanese is walking across the floors with their long hairs. 

This dog is also called a ‘Velcro’ dog because it loves its owner so much and prefers staying close to him or her. 

The best thing about the Havanese breed is that these puppies are very energetic and can be easily trained. These dogs are good at sports and never fail to become the center of attraction at the shows.

Most differently-abled people love to adopt Havanese puppies. So, having one for your family is a good thing. 

On this page, we’ll see the cost of a Havanese puppy and share things that you should know about them. 

So, what is the price of a Havanese puppy? 

The overall cost of a Havanese puppy lies somewhere between $1000 to $1500. If you are looking forward to adopting one for you, contact Havanese puppies for sale. Here, you can get Havanese puppies for as low as $500.

The difference in price depends on various factors like the pedigree, health issues, genetic history, buying season, etc.

However, if some company is claiming to offer a Havanese puppy for a cheap price, don’t forget to check everything before investing your money. There are so many pub suppliers who claim to offer genuine breeds but cheat customers with low-quality ones. Sticking to low-budget may not give you a purebred. 

If you get any cheap puppy, there can be other reasons like not so proper upbringing, health issues, and other bad habits that may be difficult to manage.

So, make sure you do thorough research before adopting a pup.

Should I invest in a Purebred Havanese?

Well, you should make this decision only after considering the utility of the dog. Do you want a dog for your family to play with or you just want to show off? If you want to show off, better adopt purebred show-quality Havanese. But keep in mind, they won’t come for cheap prices. 

Cost of Havanese Puppies - What You Need To Know About Havanese Puppy

The quality of breed impacts the price range so, the best quality breed puppies will always be costlier than low-quality pups. 

Some features like appearance, clear skin, etc. change the price of ‘show-quality dogs. 

No doubt, Purebred Havanese puppies are so cute and adorable to look at, they’ll create a big hole in your pocket.

You can adopt mixed breeds of Havanese puppies, and they’ll also be cute and adorable at affordable prices. 

Investment in Havanese puppies is a lifetime commitment.

If you are investing in a Havanese puppy, prepare yourself for extra expenses like paying for the kibble, vet visits, dog toys, medical expenses, etc. for a lifetime. So, adopt a puppy that you can afford and take care of in the future also. 

Final Words

Havanese dogs are the national dog of Cuba, small-sized dogs with expressive eyes, and long and shiny hairs. The average price of this breed of dogs ranges from $1000-$1500. Depending upon the pedigree, health condition, genetic history, buying season, etc. the price of puppies varies.