Four (4) reasons why Dog Love Dog Parks
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Four (4) reasons why Dog Love Dog Parks

Dogs are animals that men love a lot, and some people have dogs as their best friends. In some world nations like America, they are owned as pets according to the statistics of the Census Bureau in the US. I am sure that you also like dogs and have them as pets and you can’t do without them.

Some of us love our dogs so much that we see them as family members, and when we go to work and come back to our house each day, we take joy and great pleasure in watching our dogs wagging its tail. Some other people treat their dogs as family members and would do the things they do for their human family members. I’m sure you must be wondering what these things are. Well, a perfect example is taking their dogs to dog parks.

Why Dogs Love Dog Parks

Tracy and her White American Pitbull Terrier

Tracy, a 33-year-old working mum with two little children who are taken care of by the nanny, has much time after work to relax. Still, since her children are with the nanny, she decides to buy a white Pit Bull Terrier to keep her company so that when she relaxes every day after work, she spends time with her pet.

Because of the close bonds that she developed with her dog, she decided to take the dog to a dog park nearby to enjoy itself, and she did this twice a week for almost 2-3 years. Since dogs can readily acclimatize themselves to circumstances around them, her dog began to fall in love with the park. At times, when Tracy takes her dog to the park, lets it enjoy itself, and then leaves the park, she notices how her dog reluctantly responds to leaving the park with her or does not even want to leave even after she must have called its name or whistled out loudly for the dog to hear.

Then, she got so busy with work that she couldn’t take the dog to the park for almost two weeks. She then discovered that anytime she comes back from work and tries to play with her white Pitbull Terrier, the dog walks away or does not respond to her play. She began to get worried because the dog had never shown that action to her before and started searching online to know what could be the possible cause of her dog’s behavior.

Are you like Tracy? Has your dog been showing you some bad behaviors lately? Do you take your dogs to the park and wonder why they may not want to leave even after playing in the park? Are you wondering and trying to fathom any reason why your dog loves the dog parks?

I wouldn’t want you to be bothered anymore as I would share four reasons why your dog loves dog parks.


Dogs get to socialize when they get to the park. Socialization is instrumental to keeping your dog in a state of wellness when you are not around or busy with work. Your dog will be lonely, and if you don’t spend time with your dog, it may get boring. When you take your dog to the park, it gets the chance to see other dogs and relate with them and start forming bonds with them. In this way, your dog starts being friends with other dogs that come to the park, and when you don’t take your dog to the park, it will miss its friends in the park, thereby looking forward to going to the park whenever you’ve got the time to take it there. Socializing with other dogs helps your dog boost its confidence and morale and its ability to adapt to any situation. Also, when your dog gets to the park, it gets relieved of its anxiousness and the feeling of missing you for a period that it couldn’t see you play with it around.


It’s possible that in your home, the space you have is so tiny that when your dog moves around, it has covered the distance in short minutes. In urban areas, some dogs don’t even have the necessary place to roam about, which can cause some unnecessary issues for the dog, such as Obesity. When your dog goes to the dog park, it can roam about freely in a much larger space in the park, thereby running around and helping it to stay significantly in shape.


You may not get the chance to train your dog well because of the magnitude of work or absence from home for long hours. When you take your dog to the park, you may let the dog practice this training, thereby acquiring some good habits. This way, when your dog adapts to learning good habits each time you go to the park, it will be looking forward to every trip to the park because it knows that it will get to attend some classes that will add some values that can benefit it.

Safety from Harsh Weather Conditions

Like humans, dogs feel uncomfortable when exposed to harsh weather conditions. If care is not taken, they might develop bad health. So, do not be surprised during the hot summer when your dog goes to an indoor dog park and is not ready to leave even when you are exiting the park. The park may have an installed air conditioner that helps keep it cool, maintaining its health in good check.


Like humans, dogs also have emotions, and they love to be taken care of and well treated.

When you take it to the park, and it does not want to leave, rather than force it to leave the park, try to know why it loves the park and see if you can make it happier by letting it spend longer hours at the park.

Dog parks are also advantageous to the general society because it promotes socialization among owners of the dogs. It also helps to improve the close-knits of everyone present in the immediate environments surrounding the park.

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