Great Ways To Incorporate CBD Into Your Dog’s Diet

You might already be familiar with the positive effects that CBD has on people but it has equally beneficial results on dogs as well. CBD is the medical abbreviation for ‘cannabidiol,’ an active compound found in cannabis plants. While THC is the root of marijuana’s psychedelic effects, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning your dog will have no hallucinatory or psychedelic reactions. And, CBD is said to be an excellent health supplement for your pet without the chance of getting the little pups high. 

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, here is a great guide on CBD for dogs. Now here are some benefits and useful ways to incorporate it into your dog’s daily routine. 

How Can It Help My Dog?

While CBD is often mistaken for similar compounds such as THC, CBD has a lot of characteristics that sets it apart from its psychedelic counterpart. CBD doesn’t give off any euphoric sensations and it has both medical and therapeutic benefits. 

Incorporating CBD oil for dogs into your dog’s diet has been proven to help with the following common health issues:

  • anxiety
  • cancer prevention 
  • protects the nervous system
  • relieves pain and prevents arthritis
  • manages seizures/epilepsy
  • helps with inflammatory and bowel diseases
  • increases dog’s appetites
  • helps with nausea
  • fights allergies
  • promotes cardiovascular health

As a general rule of thumb, you can find the right CBD dosage by multiplying 0.5 by your dog’s weight (in KG) and swap the number to MG. Let’s say your dog weighs 10 KG, then he needs roughly 5 MG of CBD oil (twice a day.) The larger the dog, the more CBD oil they will need and vice-versa. 

CBD amounts differ based on the size of your dog but when it comes to doses and amounts, but 

too much CBD doesn’t have any side effects. If you administer CBD even in high amounts, it’s extremely unlikely to harm your dog if you accidentally give them too much. 

Knowing about CBD is one thing but getting into your dog is a whole other issue. Since CBD typically comes as an oil as opposed to a tablet or pill, it’s not as easy as hiding it in a chunk of meat. Here are a few ways to consider adding CBD to your pup’s diet:

Squirt It Directly Into Your Dog’s Mouth

If you’re not averse to squirting things directly into your dog’s mouth, one of the most effective ways to activate CBD is by squirting it under your dog’s tongue so it absorbs straight into the dog’s bloodstream. If squirting under your dog’s tongue proves to be too difficult (we can’t blame you), aim for the back of his tongue so it won’t be spit out. 

After squirting, follow it up by giving your dog its favourite treat to ensure all of the CBD has been swallowed.

Mix It In With Their Food/Treats

The CBD food mix works best with wet food and you may need to start with a small dose and gradually increase so that your dog has time to get used to the taste. Simply add the CBD oil into their food, mix it, and let it soak for a few minutes before feeding your dog as usual. 

Before mixing it into your dog’s food, trying it in treats isn’t a bad place to start. Shop for some absorbent treats and squirt the oil into it and then give the treat a few minutes to soak up the CBD as best it can before tossing it over to your pup. 

Mix It With Something Tasty

If mixing CBD into food or treats isn’t working, you may want to start by mixing the CBD oil with something tasty like peanut butter. Toss the oil into a mixing bowl with some peanut butter, mix them both together, and let your dog eat it all off of a spoon.

Dilute It With Water

Since CBD oil is almost tasteless and odorless, you can add the oil into your dog’s water bowl without them knowing. Simply squirt the oil into your pup’s water dish before your dog’s usual drinking time and it will naturally drink when it’s thirsty. 

Make Your Own CBD Treats

It might be a bit time consuming but making your own dog treats can be rewarding and much easier to share with your friends (and their dogs.) Making your own treats can get a bit tricky, baking the treats can cause the CBD oil to evaporate negating all of its health benefits. If you’re going to DIY, your best bet is to replace the CBD oil with the recipe’s other oil or use them together at the same time. 

When it comes to the actual baking of CBD as treats, the lower the oven’s temperature, the less chance any of the CBD properties will evaporate. Generally, CBD breaks down its health benefits at 392ºF and higher. Ideally, the best baking temperature should be below 350ºF.

In cases where CBD side effects do occur, the most common CBD consequence comes in the form of dizziness. On rare occasions, side effects can include excessive itchiness or vomiting, both of which can be put to an end by simply stopping giving them CBD. As always, if something goes awry, contact your vet. 

In Conclusion

CBD is a beneficial and organic compound when it comes to dogs. It has a variety of health advantages without being processed or manufactured. While the effects of administering the CBD orally may take an hour to kick in, it’s the most effective form.

The easiest way is to purchase CBD treats at any of your local veterinarian shops in the form of chicken, salmon, cheese, bacon, mint, and pork. Obviously, flavour-specific treats help to entice your pup to scarf a few treats down.