When you become a new parent to a puppy you are sure to experience a whole lot of new emotions, excitement and big responsibilities. When you prep your home for the little fella one of the major tasks you face is housebreaking the puppy.

Puppies can be potty trained by following some basic steps to make this process the least bit stressful for you and your new four-legged child. In fact any training process between you and the dog will strengthen your bond. Image –


Follow these steps to House Break a Puppy:

  1. Stick to a fixed feeding schedule: A puppy will want to eliminate after 5 to 30 minutes of consuming its meal, owing to a quick digestion at this age. This way you can follow a time-table to take it outdoors to a safe place where it can relieve itself and poop.

    Once fed, remove any left-over food and only offer the next meal at the scheduled time. Image –

  2. Follow a consistent walk routine: Puppy parents will have to take the pooch outside first thing in the morning. Then every 30 minutes to an hour. Constancy is the key to enable the puppy to learn going outside every time it wants to eliminate. Without fail take the pup to the same spot after it finishes its meals or wakes up from naps. One last trip outside needs to be made before you and your dog retire to bed at night.
  3. Take the dog to the same safe space for pooping & peeing: Taking it outdoors to the same area is important. The place will seem familiar and also the pet’s scents will encourage it to go potty.
  4. Pet parents must accompany their dogs and stay with them outside during house training: Be patient and do not try to rush the puppy to eliminate. Try to stay out for a longer time as this will help to avoid accidents of inappropriate pooping & urinating.

    Stay close to your dog while he is doing his business outdoors. It will give him a sense of safety. image –

  5. Reward time: Positive reinforcement in the form of offering praise and a dog treat to the pooch when it successfully goes outside is very important to promote good behavior. Perhaps you can also take your pup for a walk around the neighborhood as a reward, as pups love to explore new sights and smells.
  6. Do not Punish the young dog for an accident: Punishing and yelling at the pup will only create in it fear for its human and not teach it anything that you want it to learn. Stay calm and consistent with the pooch but never be rude or harsh. Accidents may occur with the puppy pooping/peeing at an inappropriate spot/indoors. These accidents can happen till the puppy turns one year old. Don’t consider it a setback; just continue the training-routine.

    If you happen to take notice of the puppy eliminating in the house, clap to let it know that this is unacceptable behavior. Then transport it outdoors and wait till it finishes doing its business. Reward the pooch once it’s done. Image –

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  1. Follow the Signs when your puppy needs to go: Some puppies will communicate that they need to eliminate by scratching the door, barking, whining, sniffing or circling so that you can take them outside immediately.

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