Hamster Accessories : Which is The Best of 2022?

A hamster is an easy-care, loving and fun animal. These qualities are making this precious animal a very popular pet. Especially for children, since they can begin to take responsibility for a living being that will give them few tasks, although enough so that the child learns to have important tasks and knows how to take care of someone.

In order for a hamster to be happy in its cage and to have what it needs, there are numerous accessories that can be brought into the space. In the following lines we will help you understand the habits of these rodents so that you know what to do if you have decided that one or more of them are part of your life. We will also explain to you what the different accessories are for.

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The most important

  • There are useful hamster accessories for him to carry out his routines inside his cage. There are also them to go for a walk with the animal and give the small rodent a space of freedom, such as harnesses or small backpacks.
  • The hamster is a very clean animal that can and does groom itself often. Do not bathe him with water, just give him sand so he can clean his fur and keep his accessories always neat for his comfort and yours.
  • The first days of living with your hamster will be key to their confidence in the future. Those weeks be careful with certain tips and then your care will be very simple.

The best hamster accessories on the market: our recommendations

There are a wide variety of accessories that your hamster needs. Each plugin style will have a specific function. Inside its cage, your hamster will eat and drink water, play and play sports, sleep, make its stools and bathe in sand. And there are accessories for each different activity. Here you will see the best-selling accessories and a description of each one.

  • The best natural wooden house for hamsters
  • The best-selling hamster wheel
  • The cheapest hamster play accessory
  • The funniest toy for your hamster
  • The ideal accessory for your hamster in the form of a swing

The best natural wooden house for hamsters

This hamster house is one of the best sellers on Amazon and not without reason. It has a waterproof roof and asphalt roof, in addition to being made of natural wood. It is a high quality product whose dimensions are 17 x 17 x 10 cm.

It is very pretty and pets love it, according to buyers. Also, users give it 57% of 5-star ratings, that’s nothing!

The best-selling hamster wheel

This hamster wheel or ferris wheel is Amazon’s best seller in its category. It is a rotating Ferris wheel that will delight your furry. The wheel is 22 cm high, as is its width. It is available in several colors, but for a matter of practicality, one of them will arrive at random.

On the other hand, the product has 60% 5-star ratings, which gives us an idea of ​​the satisfaction among users.

The cheapest hamster play accessory

If you are looking for a recreational accessory for your hamster that is also cheap, you have already found it! It is an ideal plastic wheel to exercise your pet and also made of high quality plastic. It is easy to put on and adjustable, according to users.

Product dimensions are 12.8 x 12.5 x 12.7 cm, while the width of the wheel is 14.5 cm.

The funniest toy for your hamster

Pets also have the right to have fun and leisure is precisely the goal of this fun accessory for your hamster. It is a free-running racing car to roll around the house or roll from a fixed point. In addition, the adjustable wheel on the Critter Cruiser allows you to use the car in different ways.

Product dimensions are 5.5 “x 12” x 9 “and the item has more than 50% 5-star ratings.

The ideal accessory for your hamster in the form of a swing

This swing is one of the most fun that you will find among the hamster accessories. It is a wooden swing in the shape of a tunnel that your pet will love.

The dimensions of the product are 31 x 25 x 4 cm and it is made with materials of the highest quality, although users emphasize that it can sometimes be somewhat unstable. Your pets will love it!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Hamster Accessories

It is important that before adopting a hamster as a pet, you get to know these animals better and know how you can meet their needs. Hamster accessories can be your great allies to give your rodent a comfortable life. In the following lines you will learn more about these products, so when you go shopping, you will do it in a successful way.

What are hamster accessories for?

When you decide to keep a hamster as a pet, it is recommended that the animal live in a cage where it can cover all its needs. And, thanks to the hamster accessories, you can create a special and comfortable place where he can live. These rodents are fun and affectionate and have therefore gained popularity as pets.

Hand in hand with this growing popularity, more and more accessories are available on the market to make life more comfortable for your hamster. They can have different functions: give you a comfortable space to sleep in, a bowl in which you can eat, a trough where you can hydrate, or a bathtub in which to wash, to give a few examples.

What accessories for hamster can not be missing in a cage?

A cage must be well equipped with accessories that meet the needs of a hamster to make the animal’s day to day comfortable and happy. There are several routines that these rodents carry out and complements for each of them.

What accessories for hamster are used to take him for a walk?

In addition to having a cage adapted to your hamster, it is also very positive that you help them have moments of greater freedom. These rodents are very solitary and independent. When he feels comfortable coming out of the cage and trusts you, you can also take him to the street. There are accessories to facilitate these walks, the most popular that can be used are:

  • Harness and leash: They are adapted to the small body of the animal so that it goes safe
  • Bag or carrier: There are small and well ventilated bags with mesh to transport your hamster

The animal should be taken out at sunset, which is when these rodents are most active and have the most desire to do activities.

How to make my new hamster adapt to its cage and accessories?

When a hamster arrives at your home, the first days will be key to making him feel comfortable and gain confidence in his environment and in the people with whom he will live. Experts recommend spreading some of the substrate from your old cage onto the new one so that it feels familiar. And don’t forget the trough, the trough with food and water available to the animal.

If the hamster arrives in a small box, put it in the cage and let the animal come out whenever it wants to discover the new space with its accessories. The first days give him time alone. And if you are with him, try not to make loud noises or sudden movements that may scare him. Do not touch or remove it from the cage at first.

Can more than one hamster live in a cage with accessories?

A hamster is affectionate towards humans, but this is not always the case with other animals of its kind. The coexistence of two or more rodents in a single cage, no matter how many accessories it has, can be very complicated. When they are born and are babies, the young can share the space together and also with the mother.

These animals are very territorial. So if you decide to integrate more than one into your family, observe their behaviors the first days. Give them a wide space with a variety of accessories so that there is for all of them. And have another cage ready in case problems arise. Not everyone has to get along but it is not common for them to be happy sharing their space.

You should also know that you can only bring two male hamsters together because they are less territorial than the females. And they must be from the same litter. Always have enough accessories in the cage so they don’t have to share them. Joining male and female will lead to uncontrolled reproduction, so you should avoid this situation.

Does my hamster need accessories for bathing?

There is something very curious about these animals: they do not need water baths, but they do need sand. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves so their fur stays clean. Sometimes they can be dirty precisely because we have touched them with our hands and their instinct will lead them to want to roll in the sand, since they are normally animals originating in desert areas.

Therefore, there are bathtubs, usually made of plastic, where to put these sand that the animal will appreciate very much. Water better avoid it. In addition to making the animal uncomfortable, changes in temperature can be harmful to its health. Experts explain that a hamster’s coat contains natural oils necessary to maintain healthy skin.

How often should I clean the hamster cage and accessories?

It is important to keep your hamster’s objects clean to maintain their well-being. Dirty cages can make your animal sick. Wash items frequently and better by hand to make them last longer. If you notice a bad smell on your pet, do not wash him with water because he does not like it. Clean his accessories and he can groom himself without your help.

Most hamster products and their cage can be cleaned well with soap and water, you can also use white vinegar. Or you can buy products made to clean the accessories that hamsters use. You should also replace the toilet bed on which the pet urinates, when you see that it gives off an odor.

Is it normal for my hamster to chew on its accessories?

Yes it’s normal. Your hamster may insist on chewing on a part of its cage or some of its accessories. It is not surprising but for you it will be annoying, since the objects that your hamster uses will last less. One option that experts recommend is to rub the bars with something that these animals do not like, such as lemon juice or vinegar, for example.

Another option is to look for accessories with a stronger material such as stainless steel or very hard plastic. It may also be that your pet chews on his surroundings because he is stressed or nervous. To help him relax, you can take chamomile, which is a natural plant, and mix it with the hay you leave behind in his cage.

Purchase criteria

As you have seen so far, when you decide to adopt a hamster, you have to take into account different issues about his behavior to offer him a happier life. Next we will tell you what are the essential criteria that you should look for when you go to buy accessories for your little rodent. These will be:

  • Applications
  • Materials
  • Sizes
  • Cleaning


The accessories for hamsters offer a huge variety of services according to the need that you want to cover the pet. In the following table you will be able to better understand which object to buy according to the use that your little rodent will later use.


One of the most important issues when you go to choose an accessory for your pet is that you see that it is created with a resistant material. Hamsters are rodents, so they can sometimes nibble on your objects. Materials such as hard plastic or some metal such as stainless steel are recommended for feeders, bathtubs and drinkers.

At bedtime, these little animals need spaces that are comfortable for them to rest. In that case, look for hammocks or beds that are made of soft materials. Also, if you live in an area where it cools at night, make sure the material is warm to protect your pet from the cold. Low temperatures can make hamsters sick.


There are two essential issues to take into account when choosing the size: that it is adapted to that of your pet so that it is easy for him to use his accessories, and that it fits comfortably inside the cage without taking up extra space. Experts recommend that the cage be large but that the accessories that compose it be small, according to the pet.

You have to think that a very large feeder or drinker will be very difficult for a small rodent to use. Even sometimes impossible. The same thing happens with accessories to go outside: they must fit your hamster so that it is comfortable and does not really run the risk of letting go because of a scare and escape.


A hamster makes a very good pet because it takes very little work. To help you keep it clean, look for accessories that are easy to wash with soap and water. And that the material withstands constant washing.

If it is a closed house where your pet can sleep, make sure that what is inside is removable for a more comfortable and convenient cleaning. If the accessories are kept clean, your pet will be happy and you will avoid bad odors in your house that come from the cage of your little rodent.


As a final conclusion, we will say that hamster accessories are essential when you decide to integrate one of these pets into your home. These animals have needs to cover in their day to day and they can spend many hours in their cage without this being negative. You just need the right accessories for your well-being.

When buying accessories for your hamster, always keep in mind his routines and what he likes to do the most in his day to day. Make sure it is comfortable and always keep these accessories very clean for your pet to be more comfortable and happy. A hamster needs little care, just give it the tools to be self-sufficient.