Hamster Food : Which is the Best of 2022?

Hamsters have become popular as pets. They are very tender, they give little work and one can have a lot of fun with them. And, like any living being, they require a good diet to have a good quality of life and not to develop some type of disease that comes from a diet lacking the necessary nutrients.

It is true that a hamster will not live many years, no matter how well it eats. But those who live, must be with joy and health. For all this, we have prepared this guide for you with practical information on the eating habits of these rodents. In the following lines you will learn what it is like to live with a hamster and the characteristics of the food that you should give it.

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The most important

  • A hamster is an omnivorous animal that eats mostly vegetables and seeds, although it also needs a small dose of animal protein. Fats should be low in your diet.
  • Hamsters spend many hours of the day eating. Even when they sleep, they wake up every two to three hours to eat something. If he is not obese and is an active animal, it is okay to always have food available for him.
  • When you go to buy food for your hamster you should make sure it has the necessary nutrients that these animals require. Another very important criterion will be the ingredients you take and the size of the food pieces, to make sure they fit in your little mouth.

The best hamster food on the market: our recommendations

So that you can get an idea of ​​which are the most demanded products in the hamster food market, we have made this selection for you. They are the three most popular products among people who live with these rodents. And we attach a detailed description of each of the items. It will be very useful for sure!

  • The ideal food for hamsters due to its composition
  • The most complete menu for your hamster
  • The best hamster food for its value for money

The ideal food for hamsters due to its composition

This hamster food is made up of dried vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. They are a total of 3 kilograms of food, arranged in small pieces, so that they easily fit in a hamster’s mouth.

It does not contain protein of animal origin. Buyers note that the taste seems to appeal to their pets. It contains several vitamins such as D3 and E.

The most complete menu for your hamster

This hamster food should be served daily mixed with hay and water. 10 grams per animal per day is recommended. Includes vegetable protein. And almost 70% of the total product is cereals.

The oils and fats are 0.35%. It has colorants and should be kept in a dry place. It also has vitamins like A and D3, biotin, and zinc.

The best hamster food for its value for money

This mixture of grains and vegetables is accompanied by the best animal protein for your pet. Specifically, mealworms, which your hamster will love.

It is a 400-gram container that is also the best-seller on Amazon, which gives us an idea of ​​its quality. In addition, the product has about 70% 5-star reviews from buyers. Do not miss it!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Hamster Food

Hamster Food

When you go to live with an animal, its diet will depend on you. So you must know very well the habits of the new member of the household. Both their routines in general, as well as their food needs and habits at mealtime. And here we are to help you get to know your hamster and we will answer the most common questions below.

What nutrients cannot be lacking in a hamster’s food?

Hamsters are omnivores, that is, they eat products of plant and animal origin. They need a large amount of carbohydrates, so cereals and seeds are essential. And they provide vitamins and minerals. These must be supplemented with proteins of animal origin. You should avoid foods high in fat, as it is harmful to them.

Can a hamster feed on human food?

It is very important for a hamster to supplement the food created for him with food from people to have a balanced diet. It is essential that your little rodent always has food and water available.

Why does a hamster accumulate food on its cheeks?

They do it instinctively. These animals love to always have food on hand and in the wild they collect what they need, keep it on their cheeks and take it to their burrow. In his cage, if he has a corner of his own, he will do the same. And, if he doesn’t have something that resembles a burrow, he will tend to save his food and take it where he is comfortable.

How often should I feed a hamster?

Veterinarians recommend that a hamster always have food on hand. Even if you sleep much of the day and spend many hours at night awake, you usually do not spend more than 2 or 3 hours in a row without getting up to eat. So just put food on it when it doesn’t have any. And if he’s not overweight, let him eat whatever he wants, because it’s healthy for him.

How many years does a hamster live with good food?

The bad news when we talk about these cute animals is that they don’t live for many years. No matter how good food you give it. If we look at the most common species that exist to adopt as pets, we find that none of them live, on average, more than 3 years. Some even have their life expectancy between one and a half and two years.

How often should I clean the area where I leave hamster food?

It is essential to know that these animals are very clean and that veterinarians recommend that you clean their cage twice a week. For your health and well-being. You should also remove food that is from the previous day and that may be in poor condition daily. And don’t leave their food near the part of the cage or house where they relieve themselves.

Does hamster food vary according to its species?

There is a great variety of types of hamster, although there are certain species that stand out as pets chosen to live in the home. And we are going to focus on the latter when we talk about the style of food that they eat. The most famous species are Syrian, Roborovski , Siberian, and Chinese. They vary in their sizes, in colors, and in their behaviors.

It highlights that, although behavior varies according to the species, the food they need is, in general, the same and in similar quantities. Despite their difference in size, the food intake of Syrians and that of dwarfs must be the same, since the little ones have the fastest metabolism. The most docile is the Syrian and the most rebellious the Roborosvki.

Should I give my hamster specific food to gnaw on?

Hamster Food

A hamster is a rodent and needs to file its teeth. Some seeds serve this purpose, especially when they are large. There are people who live with these animals and give them some mineral stone so that they can wear it down with their teeth and thus obtain minerals. Also in stores you can find bars created to gnaw.

Purchase criteria

When deciding the purchase that is best for you, there are certain criteria that you should look at. We all want to spend money on something that will do its job. So that you know which are the most important aspects to observe when buying food for your hamster, in the following lines we guide you. The most important criteria are:

  • Nutrients
  • Ingredients
  • Size
  • Container


The most important thing in a hamster’s diet are carbohydrates. It also requires vegetable proteins and around 10% of the total of what you consume per day should be proteins of animal origin. It does not require fat, so it prevents your food from carrying it. And all vitamins and minerals will be welcome except C because a hamster’s body already creates it.


It is very important that the food of a hamster is based on seeds, cereals, fruits, vegetables, vegetables and nuts, carry some meat. The common thing is to buy a ready-made mix that includes all these ingredients and supplement it with some human food such as juicy fruits, fresh vegetables or small amounts of meat with very little fat.


Food has to fit in his little mouth so that he can ingest it and carry it inside his cheeks. It is also good if some pieces are a little larger, although easy to hold with their front legs, to give the hamster the option to gnaw them, a very important practice for it to file its teeth.


It is very important that the container where food for a hamster is kept can be well sealed after each feeding. Keep in mind that they are usually large packages, while these rodents eat few daily amounts due to their weight, size and needs. Therefore, you want the container to keep the food fresh even if it has been open for weeks.


If you have decided to make a hamster part of your life and your family, you also have a responsibility to give them quality food. This way you will avoid illnesses and your pet will have enough strength and energy to play, run on his wheel or around the house, in case you let him loose. A hamster has become a very popular company. They are very funny animals.

Food for a hamster should be based on grains and seeds. It also requires fruits and vegetables and a little meat. And it can always be complemented with human food, as you will love the variety of flavors. These rodents spend many hours of the day chewing and eating. They are very gluttonous. And your teeth need constant gnawing to be healthy.

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