What exercise does a dog need?

The exercise a dog needs is a matter in which there are certain common doubts among owners. Practically all of us are clear that, like us, dogs also have to move so as not to atrophy. However, there are doubts about how long they should exercise, what activities are recommended or what precautions you should take in them.

Next, we will inform you about how to organize daily dog ​​exercise so that your pet’s health does not suffer.

The importance of exercise in dogs

The importance of exercise in dogs is beyond doubt. Broadly speaking, it is essential that they do not fall into a sedentary life. This requirement is basic for your mental and physical health. With regard to the first, you want your pet to relieve his stress. Keep in mind that there are dogs that suffer from some behavioral problems, so moving around and going outdoors are activities that come in handy to prevent their disorders from escalating. As for the second, it is convenient for you to remove all the complications that obesity entails. Among others, diseases such as hip dysplasia, those of the joints and cardiovascular problems.


The amount of exercise a dog needs per day

The exercise that a dog should do per day is a quantification that does not have to be exact. In addition, it depends on various factors such as his age, his race, his weight, his health problems or if you plan to compete in sports.

Therefore, the first advice to keep is that what works for one dog does not have to work for another. In fact, the amount of exercise a dog needs per day also depends on the intensity of the activities you choose. For example, you can opt for an hour of walking at a good pace or half an hour of more or less intense running. If your dog is going to be trained to compete, you can lengthen these dynamics.

Something that you must take into account is the size of the dog, because it will be closely related to the physical exercise he has to do. The small ones tend to need less time for daily exercise compared to the medium and larger ones. Also, you should be guided by their energy and as they reduce their pace, loosen the intensity of the activity or rest for a while. This will strengthen your resistance.

Exercise that a dog should do a day

It is clear that every day you should exercise, but you can alternate it with different options:

  • Jogging: To go from walking at a higher pace little by little.
  • Canicross: Which is much more demanding.
  • Bicycle with dogs: Of a requirement similar to canicross.
  • Agility: For well-trained dogs with good muscles and joints.
  • Swimming: You have to be careful, as it tires them a lot.
  • Games: How to throw objects at them and make them run to collect them.

Precautions to Consider During Daily Dog Exercise

Finally, do not forget to take special care with these premises:

  • Sufficient hydration: If you are away from home, try to bring fresh water or stop at a fountain.
  • Avoid the hottest hours and very low temperatures: in these cases, substitute outdoor exercises for indoor activities, so that the temperature is more comfortable and safe for your pet.
  • Play sports in safe places: inside the house, in a wide space so that you do not crash and hurt yourself or break something. Outside the home in spaces where the floor is not slippery or very hot to avoid damaging the pads of their paws.
  • Increase the pace progressively: as you train and strengthen your energy and endurance, you can increase the pace or do more intense exercises.
  • Do not exercise right after eating: like us, they need time to digest.
  • Remember that parasites, even if we do not see them, can be both inside and outside the home. For this reason, it is important that your pet follow an anti-parasitic treatment, such as the Monthly Double Protection that protects against the most common internal (worms) and external (fleas and ticks) parasites in our environment. With the exact dose, at the right time, you make sure that your pet is protected every day of the year.