Your cat also needs to have fun and have a good time in the summer! As part of the family, and while everyone is on vacation, he continues with a normal life, without changes and, now that we have more time, it is the perfect time to share activities with our furry.

You can take advantage of his great agility, his hunting instinct and his curiosity to involve him in a playful activity that means exercise and stimulation for him.

Playing some games, not only brings benefits to your furry, but sharing them will make you have fun times in which the rest of the family can also participate. Of course we always have to bear in mind that we must avoid games in which the cat is put in danger, ridiculed or that can generate stress and anxiety.

There are objects that cost nothing and tend to attract them a lot, such as a tube or a cardboard box. You can make a tunnel by joining several boxes, inserting tubes, with openings along it so that it passes through it, tries to exit through one or another window, slide and run. You can attract him with a treat to encourage him to enter. When he’s inside, gently turn the building to one side or the other or tap the walls gently to challenge him and make the activity more stimulating. In addition, building this structure can be an activity to share with the rest of the family and in which the little ones can also contribute their ideas.

Chasing things is a way to stimulate your hunting instinct. A very easy way to create a toy for this purpose is to tie a bright and noisy object with a thread and pass it near the cat, shaking it to arouse curiosity. This will launch him in hot pursuit and the two of you can go long stretches until he catches up with him. Also in this activity, involving more family members who carry other objects can make our furry friend try to reach two or three objects simultaneously and make the game more fun and inclusive for the rest of the family. When he manages to catch one, give him a big caress as a reward. A variant is to make him run on furniture or jump among some of them in pursuit of his prey. This will give you a lot more exercise.

An intelligence game can be to take some small plastic cups, which are not transparent. They can be four or five and you will place them face down with a hidden prize. It won’t take long for the cat to learn to turn a few glasses to find it. If you put it under a stationary glass, it will know soon enough and that’s when you can move it around.

Another game can be to place many objects on a long table, so that they are quite close, but allow the cat to pass. This will create a kind of obstacle course. Put the cat at the beginning and someone else should call it from the other side. The challenge will be to pass without knocking down any of them to get the prize. When he knows how to do it, you can encourage him to run across the table instead of walking.

Playing with our cats strengthens the bonds between the family and our furry animals and is a fun way to show our love, to take care of them and to ensure their health because we LOVE THEM, WE PROTECT THEM.