How to Know if You Are a True Lover of Cats

If you’re reading this, you probably do not need anyone to tell you: you love cats, and you know it. You even know that they know it. But maybe you still have some doubt, or maybe you recently met a Cat Lover but you’re not sure of their blood level. In this case it will be useful to review the…

Ten Essential Points of a Cat Lover:

1. You live with one or more cats

You do not say that you “have” a cat, because some time ago you understood that you are not its owner but its partner.

2. Your cat has been rescued from the street

Unless you are a professional breeder, in which case you have many cats and you make sure very, very well to whom you sell them so that they do not end up having to be rescued from the street by other people.

3. You talk to your cat

And you understand when he answers you.

4. You often think of your cat as “your child”

Cat Lovers -

What do you call cat lovers?

The cat lovers are called Ailurophile, Aelurophile, A lover of cats. Also called felinophile, philofelist, philogalist.

5. Your house is full of cat details

Stuffed animals, books, pictures, figurines… Especially if, due to your personal circumstances, you can not live with a cat right now, these elements help you to make up for your sad absence.

6. At Christmas and birthdays you always receive at least one gift related to cats

Sometimes more… Once even all the gifts have been catlike. Your family and friends are so assumed your status as a Cat Lover who always know how to hit on special occasions.

7. You have at least 10 items and / or personal accessories with a cat theme

Clothes, bags, pendants, key rings … As a result of the previous points, your wardrobe and your jeweler are conveniently gatunizados.

8. You read everything that falls into your hands relative to cats

Care, history, curiosities … little by little you have become an expert in the subject, and now when someone in your environment has any doubt about cats, they always turn to you.

9. On your mobile you have more photos of your cat than your friends and your partner

Also on your computer, on your Facebook and on the dresser of your living room.

10. Spend a Sunday morning watching videos of kittens on the Internet it REALLY seems a great plan.

If you feel identified with this Top Ten of Cat Traits, congratulations! You are a full-fledged Cat Lover, and in Cat’s Whiskers you will find yourself at home.