How to Take Care of a New Puppy- Things You Must Know

Did you recently adopt your first new puppy, furry and fluffy mate and already love the little one so much? I know they are adorable.

But do you know that there are certain common mistakes that we pet owners always make when we make our first adoption? However, we get alerted by them and don’t make the same mistake in the second, but why commit it at first stance when we can learn it beforehand?

So, here is the article to guide you through the entire process and tell you how to take care of them.

5 Do-Follow Rules to Take Care of Your Puppy

The mistakes we make in the first attempt can harm the little mate. They might end up facing a lot of issues like health issues. Therefore, it becomes essential for one to understand their responsibilities perfectly and avoid risking the life of our first pets.

1. Visit the veterinarian for regular check-ups

In my opinion, this is the most common and one of the biggest mistakes we make with our first pet. Pets are like our own children but do not speak our language.

Just as humans need time-to-time checkups to be in shape, pets also need that. You must get your pet the regular vaccines and take them to monthly visitation with the doctor.

Thus, you can avoid various severe health issues and other diseases before their occurrence. Besides, shelters where you get a vet,  new puppy, such as Puppy heaven, can be helpful as the shelters know the puppy best.

2. Emphasise your pet dental care

Whenever we adopt a new friend and bring them home, we often supply them with our toys to play with. That can sometimes adversely affect our pet’s dental condition.

Currently, many innovative ways help you take care of your pet’s dental health without having to visit the vet often.

Bad dental conditions can lead to circumstances like a broken jaw, sensitivity, heart diseases, bad teeth, diabetes, etc., so it’s better to take prevention than make a mistake.

3. Don’t expect too much in no time

Did you get inspired to adopt a new pet by seeing someone? Once you have adopted your own, you want it to socialise with everything instantly? That’s too much to ask for.

You should give your dog some time to adapt to your lifestyle. Though not in every case, some pets might have difficulty mixing themselves with others. Give them some time and love and help them reduce their canine anxiety, and let them relax.

Before they meet the world, love them and make them trust you, and then you will see how the magic is done.

4. Avoid overfeeding

Another very common mistake is overfeeding. I know how tough it is to resist those big doe eyes of your cutie when they stare at you.

However, often we misunderstand their food needs and feed them extra or even share of our dinner too. That is why many pets suffer from obesity due to excessive feeding than usual.

So you need to avoid making this mistake to keep them in good health and last longer. Therefore, give your new mate the right amount of food and engage them in the right amount of exercise.

5. Adequate exercising

 Overfeeding accompanied by fewer exercise results in your pet facing issues like obesity. You should have an equilibrium balance between your canines’ food habits and regular physical exercises.

The most common pet in every household is the dog! No matter which breed of dog you adopt, it requires some exercise.

Otherwise, you and your doggo will suffer the consequences of illness or bad behaviour. If you can’t allow much time for your dog to exercise, it is suggested that you look for breeds that need comparatively less exercise.

Wrapping it up

Your pet’s health is not something you can take risks with. Adopting a pet comes with a handful of responsibilities. So, once you take the duty of the new member, you should carry it out with utmost care.

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