Did you know that getting your dog to obey you is one of the things that will make you feel closer? The key is to do it in phases, with positive reinforcement and with lots of pampering!


Let’s start with the most basic commands:

  • Recognize his name: Perhaps the simplest and the most necessary, especially when he is still a puppy. It will be enough to repeat his name in different places and situations for him to associate it as the sound by which you refer to him.
  • Go to the call: We advise you to look for another word that is not his name so that he will come to you when you need his attention, “come” may be a good option. To achieve this, simply reward him several times with snacks when he quickly comes to your call.
  • Quiet: This exercise is ideal to reinforce the self-control of our dog. To do this, the first step is to sit on the floor or in a chair, depending on the size of the dog, catch a snack with one hand and make a fist. You must let your dog smell it and when he begins to lick your hand, nibble and try to catch it, repeat the word you want to use in this case, we recommend “quiet”. Only when you give up and walk away, we give you the prize.
  • Sit: This is one of the key commands for training your dog. First of all, grab a snack and give it to him to eat. Then you take another, make a fist and let him sniff it without offering it to him. With this movement you will have already captured their attention.

Now with the snack above the dog’s head we draw an imaginary line from the snout to the tail, with this it will follow the trajectory of the snack, ending up sitting down. The moment you sit down, we give you your prize. We must repeat several times to get them to do it without rewards.