How to Use Dry Chewy Dog Food With Homemade Nutrition?

Should I give my dog ​​bones with dry Chewy dog food? Bones are good for broth – they are cheap, but the broth comes out good. Many owners are deeply convinced that bones are healthy and are a favorite treat for any dog. Yes, their dogs love them very much, but the bones, besides being completely useless, are also very harmful to the internal organs of the animal.

The risk is definitely not worth it. Your best bet is to buy inexpensive artificial bones that are available in bulk from pet Such bones are not harmful even to puppy teeth and they combine well with dry dog food by best Chewy brands.

How to use dry Chewy dog food with homemade nutrition?

Dry dog food and water

The dog should always have fresh water while eating dry dog food. Place it in the same place where the feeding process usually takes place. If the dog is kept in the yard of a private house, then in the cold season the water is heated. Although, when it’s cold, pets drink much less.

Vegetables with Chewy dry food for all dogs

What vegetables should you give your dog with dry Chewy food? Most vegetables are suitable for feeding to dogs.

  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • bell peppers
  • white cabbage
  • zucchini
  • pumpkin
  • beets

You can put in Chewy dry food either one type of vegetables or several at once.

Vegetables are packed with vitamins and other micronutrients. Alas, not every dog ​​likes them, so you have to be cunning. Teach vegetables from an early age by mixing raw, finely chopped vegetables into the porridge. Does it eat raw? Then try lightly simmering, frying or boiling vegetables and stirring them into the meat / porridge. It is also helpful to add fresh dill, parsley, sorrel and other greens to food. In the summer, be sure to use this and, if possible, mix greens in the Chewy feeding in winter.

Fruits and berries

As a treat, the dog is not prohibited from feeding fruit. You can do everything in moderation, but try not to give the fruits listed in the list of foods prohibited for dogs.

How much dry food does a dog need?

How much food should a dog get per day for full development? The amount of dry Chewy dog food you need per day depends on the dog’s weight, age, season, habitat and other individual characteristics.

What affects dry food portions?

Exercise requires energy therefore active dogs increase the portions of dry food depending on the amount and intensity of the exercise. Dogs living in the yard require more energy, while individuals in an apartment house consume about 15-35% less dry food.

The time of year affects the need for feed. In winter, the dog eats more and more willingly, while in summer it may skip several feedings by Acana dog food due to the heat and decreased activity. A bitch being pregnant or becoming pregnant increases her appetite and the need for an additional portion of feed increase accordingly.


While young dogs are fed 3-4% of their body weight, aging dogs are given 2-3% of their body weight, which is 1/4 (i.e. 25%) less than the norm. By the way, the dog should certainly be physically loaded, especially if it is taken into the family as not only a dog, but also a strong protector. For active walking, the command “fetch”, games, etc. is used.