How to Use Positive Reinforcement in Your Dog’s Training?

How to Use Positive Reinforcement in Your Dog’s Training?

The foundation of effective training is based on the foundation of love, trust, and science. But as a parent, it is your duty to do exactly that without forcing it on your pooch.

Yes, that’s right! We are talking about using positive reinforcement in your dog’s training sessions. This is all about rewarding and encouraging your doggo’s good behavior. Obviously, everyone wants to get a little pampered and deserves rewards after they do something good, and so does your furry friend. Reward-based training sessions are not only fun but also shapes your canine’s behavior.

So, if you are planning to adopt positive reinforcement in your fur baby’s training sessions, here are some options for you.

●      Play games together

As a dog parent, you might already be familiar with the fact that your pooch loves to play games. They love to play fetch, run around, and literally anything that keeps them busy and entertained. Toys and games can be used as an effective and fun way to train your pup. Besides being a perfect substitute for treats, playing games with your furry friend is the best way to build a strong relationship with your pet. And let’s not ignore the fact that it is fun for everyone.

For instance, ask your dog to “sit,” and then after he follows your command, say “yes” and give his favorite chew toy. Say “drop,” and when he lets go of the toy, then start playing fetch it. This way, your doggie will know the drill and do precisely what you want when he would like to play- which is basically EVERY TIME.

●      Offer treats

Offering treats is also one of the best ways to encourage good behavior in dogs. But before you use them in your training sessions, you must know that do not give out treats literally every time your dog does something good. Otherwise, he’ll obey you only in the presence of those delicious treats. And that’s not something you would want.

You can adapt the concept we like to call “Random Rewarding.” For instance, imagine your pup doesn’t get off the couch and ruins the covers. So, try giving out treats such as bully sticks for dogs from bully bunches or beef jerky initially when your pooch gets off the couch, and then stop doing that after a while. At times you can just pat and praise your pet and say “good doggie” instead of handing out a treat. Then again, start giving them at random times so that it creates an impression in your pup’s mind that he may get a delicious treat after obeying your commands.

And that’s how you can discipline your doggo without creating fear in his heart and mind through punishment-based methods.

●      Let them go outdoors.

Now you might be thinking that you already walk your dog outside, then how can it be used as a positive reinforcement in the training sessions. Take your dog outside and let him do his business anywhere he likes, and once you get him to do it at the spot where you like, you can ditch the leash and let him play, sniff, and explore the outside world for a while. Since dogs love to play, run and explore the outdoors, they’ll do whatever it takes to get them off that annoying leash.

In the end,

Dogs tend to repeat the behavior they are rewarded for. And with the positive reinforcements listed above, you can easily train your dog without any hassle. So, ditch those discomforting methods, adopt the positive ones, and your dog will love you MORE for it!