Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Pet With These Monitors

In recent years, webcam technology has taken a step in a pet-friendly direction. Besides watching your furry friends while you’re away, you can interact with them by using one of several cutting-edge pet cameras. Keep an eye on your pets from work or while you’re out running errands to give both you and your pets peace of mind.


Petcube Play

Sleek and stylish, Petcube Play offers audio and visual monitoring capabilities for pet parents. When you download the Petcube app, you can keep an eye on the action at home and receive sound and motion alerts when something isn’t right at home.



With 3x zoom, night vision and a wide-angle lens, Petcube Play’s camera is one of the most versatile in this category. The laser toy is an interactive delight for households with both dogs and cats. Audio is two-way, which adds further versatility, and it comes in multiple colors.


Petzi Treat Cam

Tossing a treat to your pet feels good, even when you’re far away. The Petzi Treat Cam allows you to check in, dispense treats and say hello to your pets throughout the day by using the Petzi app.



The app features a full-screen display and allows you to take snapshots from within the app. You can give multiple people access to the camera with the Petzi pet app, meaning various household members can check on pets throughout the day.


Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is another great choice if you want to reward your pup’s good behavior from afar. You simply control the remote treat dispenser using the Furbo app. This particular monitor is ideal for dogs that experience anxiety, thanks to the bark sensor feature that sends a notification to your phone through the Furbo app when your dog barks. The camera also has a speaker you can use to talk to your dog via the app, making it easy to soothe your dog throughout the day.



Furbo’s camera interface is efficient and only runs when you’re viewing from the app, which saves energy. You can’t remotely control the position or zoom, but the wide-angle lens offers a generous point of view and has night vision capability.



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