Pet’s feelings when you carry it internationally

Pet's feelings when you carry it internationally

My cousin had to move to Canada for a better job. He has disposed of his furniture and car. He has a pet puppy who has been living with him for eight years.

Now it’s time to think about his pet Rambo. I thought he would leave Rambo at his friends’ house before he leaves to Canada. Back to my surprise Rambo is fortunate enough to travel along with him.

It’s surprising to know despite pets’ feelings, pets are extremely taken care of and are given a chance to travel along with their owner.

Then I have explored many interesting things rather pros and cons for ensuring a safe pet journey internationally.

Prerequisites of your pet before travel

 First and foremost, make sure your pet has 

  • Complete health check-up 
  • Met a veterinary doctor 
  • Absolutely no breathing issues
  • Health certificate 
  • Updated vaccinations 
  • Got approved to travel 
  • Got proper administration of his ongoing treatments 

 After ensuring a pre-travel checklist, now it’s the turn for the pet to make prepare mentally.

 Based on the duration of travel, the pet will be allowed in a cabin or cargo.

 For long hours more than eight, pets will be placed in cargo in a separate kennel.

 There will be a tag or microchip attached to your pet for easy identification.

 Food will be given as per your pets’ preference that has been taken before, and in most cases, you must provide a carrier for your pet.

A pet’s feelings throughout his journey 

The owner is as worried as his pet till it reaches safely to the destination.

Pets become panic because of the sudden environment being dark, noisy but at the same time confused while looking variety of pets at a place.

 Long flight journeys will make them feel nausea because of turbulence and cause irritation. So, to avoid this, attach a water bottle to the outside container so that your pet can sip.

If a pet travels more than once then, you might not worry much. I am surprised to know that even horses are travelled in cargo by some Airlines.

 Always it is advisable to carry your pet in the cabin, but when it is not possible, do dare absolutely if the pet has no health complications.

Most importantly, verify with the Airlines about your pet safety, care, and past travel success rate of that airline.

It’s safe to carry pet portraits with you while travelling.

So, finally, Rambo has landed safely in a separate flight and couldn’t stop jumping on my cousin after seeing him. Probably the only knows what all he has gone through the flight journey.

Pets are so emotionally attached to humans that we try all our means to keep us with them. Thanks to the latest provisions that are made available for encouraging pet travel and care.

I am Rufy Ashta, a pet blogger, inquisitive to learn and share the experiences with pets, their feelings and have a good collection of pet portraits.

Wish to know about your experiences.

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