Is your dog one of your family? As an essential member in your life, adventure companion, unconditional of games, inseparable in bad times and warm in welcomes, surely you always look for the best for him.

With the campaign ” We love them, we protect them ” we want to raise awareness about the importance of deworming our pets inside and out to protect them against the most frequent parasites in our environment.

With the Double Monthly Protection you fight, at the same time, against worms, fleas and ticks. For example, the gastrointestinal roundworm Toxocara canis , which is highly relevant due to its prevalence and potential for contagion to people. In this case, thanks to the monthly administration of an antiparasitic treatment, its biological cycle is cut.

Dog motivational training. Trainer gives the husky a reward. Approved by Denise Flaim.

Did you know that ticks , lungworms, and heartworms can be deadly to our furry friends? You can know the risk to which your pet is exposed by doing this simple test .

With the Double Monthly Protection , you will also be preventing the risk of zoonoses , that is, diseases that unprotected animals can transmit to humans. For this reason it is very important that as owners of pets we are fully aware of the importance of protecting them on a monthly basis.

Also, now, deworming your pet has a prize!

Yes, as you are reading … now for taking your dog to the veterinary clinic we will give you a gift. Download the coupon , ask your veterinarian for the Double Monthly Protection and get your gift just for being informed.

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