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Puppies For Sale: Tips on How To Tell If Your Puppy Is A Pure Breed

You have finally decided to take that first step forward on adding a new family member to your life. But you may not be sure how to ensure that you do not get scammed by one of the many puppy mill owners out there. If you are not familiar with these concepts it is quite simple.

A mill is a location that is constantly breeding the animals for profit. They are not cared for properly. They are not socialized. They have not been checked out by a vet. And most of the time they will advertise their puppies for sale as being pure breeds, and they expect you to take their word for it. It is highly suggested that you check out a few things before you commit to buying.

  • As mentioned above the most crucial step in the puppy buying process is to become a detective. You will need to investigate the breeder. Do some online searches and see what comes up. See if they are a registered breeder. Read any reviews that have been posted about them. Just remember that people can be paid to write good remarks for them, so dig a little deeper than the top reviews. Also remember that some people can not be pleased no matter what a person does, so ignore the bottom ones. Go for the reviews in the middle range because they are going to be more honest.
  • You can talk to the local dog groomers and vets to get some honest feedback about the breeder that you are considering. If there is an animal shelter close by talk to them as well. They will have some insights on the local puppies. If they have not heard of them, or if they only have dreadful things to say about them, you should keep looking. Just make sure that the answers that you get are truthful, and not spiteful. That is why you want to talk to more than just a couple of people in the area.
  • If you want to save some time skip the first couple of steps and go straight to an online matching site, such as this reliable website when looking for a purebred puppy. They specialize in connecting serious buyers with legit breeders in the area. They have already done all the research and leg work for you. All you need to do is fill out some questions and the best breeders for your needs will be listed for you.
  • You need to ask to see the pedigree papers for the puppy that you are interested in buying. These papers are the dog’s family lineage records. Look them over and make sure that your dog is listed on it. If you are having a challenging time understanding what you are reading take a second and learn how to read them properly. This video will walk you through it. If they do not have papers, you should look for a different breeder to go through.

You will want to make sure that the breeder is an actual breeder, not a puppy mill owner, before going ahead with the purchase. You are paying out some good money to get a purebred, so the breeder should be more than willing to show you proof.

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Puppies For Sale

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Final Words

The pedigree papers are the best way overall to know what you are getting, as well as visually inspecting the puppy to ensure that what you are looking at is what you want. You cannot tell if they are purebred by looking at them, but you can sure tell if you have asked for a lab that you are looking at a lab.

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