The World Pioneer Convertible Pet Carrier Bed - Casa di Coco

The World’s Pioneer Convertible Pet Carrier/Bed – Casa di Coco

Being a human, how much we take care of our ease and solace. If we want to live better, then why do we show damn care about our dear furry friends – our pets like dogs, cats, etc. They also need a comfy place to live as same as we want. So, here I’ve made a product especially to sit, sleep, or live for pets that is the world’s pioneer convertible pet carrier/bed – Casa di Coco.

Animals like dogs being sensitive to smell or olfaction and cats that are so attached with their territories show uneasiness in the compact zone or any congested area to live. But my Casa traveling bag is the best dwelling place for pets where they feel relax, coziness, and smooth sensation.

The appreciative prospect with my product is that it’s a bag that can easily convert into a carrier and a bed as well. Thus you may carry your pets in it and move them along with you. Whether you move outside for shopping, travel long by air, or even go anywhere, this pioneer Coco traveling bag grants your animals more convenience than anything else. 

What’s the reason behind developing this Casa di Coco

Animals like humans also have feelings and emotions, thus they attract by affection. To take care of them, I have developed this world’s pioneer convertible bag. But there are also so many reasons behind this. Let’s brief them deliberately…

#1 To pampering the miniature dogs or cats

Although animals lack wisdom and consciousness, but love and care make every creature intimate with you. So, pamper your miniature dogs and cats with my Coco convertible bag. When they live in this casing, they feel so cozy and homey.

#2 To get rid of leaving your pets in neighbors

Whenever you go out, you keep your precious things along with you. Meanwhile, your miniature dogs and cats are also so cherished. So, now you don’t need to leave your furry friends in your neighbors. You may keep them accompanying you where you will go.

Cats and dogs are so attached to their dwelling places. Therefore, they feel more relax and comfortable in their homes. So, my Casa di Coco provides them the best spot, just like their home. Because might be possible that your pets can’t be used to in your neighborhood.

#3 To giving more time to your pets

It’s common practice with the human psyche that he needs any companion with him anywhere. But if you have no buddy on your way, then you don’t worry. Now you pick your cute miniature pets in this Coco backpack along with you and spend quality time with them without any stress.

Moreover, you don’t have to carry much luggage with you of your pets. This is the more sophisticated and convenient for your pets that proves the best alternate of big baggage.

What’s the principle of this easy to fold carrier/bed – Casa di Coco

You must hear the term – all in one. Here you may have such an experience with my easy-to-use and easy-to-take Casa di Coco. That bears more than one function, which makes it the favored dwelling place for your beasties. Let’s put a glance at the various transformations of this amazing traveler.

Use it as a Bed

Just like your bed having a soft mattress, my Coco bed is like the same. Because it also consists of a soft and smooth cushion, like a mattress for sitting and sleeping off your dogs and cats. When they live in this bed, they feel just like they are living in their dear home.

Fold it as a Backpack

Apart from the bed, it may transform into a backpack as well. Thus, you will easy to take your pets on the road in a dwelling that feels and having smells like home, even the bed still is in the backpack.

So, it will become your traveling partner because it can wear easily. And you can move anywhere with free hands. In this way, it is assumed, like a mobile home.

It’s not for all size pets

Everything is not for everyone. My Coco traveler is specially designed for miniature dogs only, not for giant size pets.

Pets weighing around 11LBS or 5kg and under can easily adjust to this. However, it can accommodate pets of 13LBS or 6kg. Thus, it is pretty much better to reside your pets in this, only with the weight as mentioned here.

How can you adjust your pets in this Casa de Coco  

Due to having multitasking features of this casing, you can adjust its parts very easily as per your requirement. Now put a deep sight on its unique composition that makes it more appropriate for pets.

  • The said carrier/bed has a double water-proof sheet lined that particularly protects against any haphazard.
  • It has more dense memory foam in the form of a mattress that is more durable but less elastic. It provides your pet a cozy and restful sleep.
  • The more durability in this bed comes from its external carrier. That’s particularly made up of Cordura fabric, which is well-known for more durability and water-proof functions.
  • Another unique feature is having various tangling and mesh windows. They assist your pets to see the natural panorama outside the windows.
  • Some other parts of the Coco bag boost your comfort zone while carrying it outside your home. Like more concealed bolster straps, back cushion molding, lumbar pads, waist hooks, etc…
  • Moreover, the product is triple-layered fabricated for frequently absorbing capacity and avert any intervention.

Like any other creatures, pets are likely to lodge their residence. Any change in their environment may cause any stress or stimulate their anxious mood. So cherishing their desires, I have developed the product – Casa di Coco with so many perk attributes. Hopefully, you will enjoy this world’s first pioneer convertible carrier/bed.

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