Tips to Prevent Stress in Your Cat During Confinement

Cats are animals sensitive to changes and some may be especially accused of changing routines during confinement. Here are some tips to help your cat feel as comfortable as possible with the situation.

Stress in cats

It is possible that these days and weeks of confinement your cat feels stress for the following reasons:

His routine has been altered.

It is more difficult for him to anticipate what is going to happen in each moment.
He has lost the ability to control the environment.

Cats are generally very sensitive to stress. Although some are better tolerant of change than others, felines are not usually as adaptable to change as people, and neither are dogs. For this reason, these days you have to make life as easy as possible so that confinement affects them as little as possible.

Stress in cats affects their well-being and can contribute to the development of diseases such as feline idiopathic cystitis. This disease involves inflammation of the bladder wall and causes pain. The most obvious symptom is that the cat begins to urinate outside its litter box and more frequently than usual. Many times, he does it on cold surfaces such as the sink to wash his hands.

How to help your cat not have stress during confinement

1- Avoid yelling and punishment
We’re all more irritable these days, but remember that yelling, punishing, and tension only create more tension. Try to treat your cat naturally and gently to avoid increasing stress. Always rely on positive reinforcement when you have to ask him to do something or leave somewhere.

2- Create a safe zone
Reserve a corner of the house where your cat can isolate himself and be calm without being disturbed by anyone. Thus, whenever you need your own space, you can take shelter in this “safe area”.

Especially if there are children at home, do not allow them to bother your cat if he has decided to withdraw to his safe place.

3- Environmental enrichment
Find ways to make the environment more attractive to your cat. Invent ways to hide toys or food to encourage exploratory behavior, for example.
You can also use large boxes for your cat to hide and play.

4- Social enrichment
Take advantage now that you are at home to increase the time and quality of your playing time with your cat.

5- Enrichment with interactive toys:
A good idea these days is to use puzzles for cats that encourage entertainment and make your cat have to think about how to get food out , smart feeders to use the paws, etc.

6- Catnip and catnip.
Now more than ever is a great time for your cat to enjoy catnip .

7- Feliway pheromones
Pheromones for cats are ideal to combat states of anxiety or stress. That is why these weeks of confinement can be key to use them.

If you have set up a safe area for your cat, place the diffuser there.

We hope that these tips are useful and promote the well-being of your cat. If you know someone who they can help too, share the article. We will continue to publish recommendations on our blog. Thanks for reading.