Top 5 Pet and Animal Podcasts

Top 5 Pet and Animal Podcasts

Unleash a world of knowledge and entertainment! Dive into our top 5 picks for pet and animal podcasts, covering everything from pet care tips to fascinating animal stories.

According to the Pew Research Center, 41% of Americans over 12 listened to at least one podcast in the last month. The popularity of podcasts has increased steadily over the years with 37% of Americans listening in 2020 up from just 9% of people in 2008. 

Are you looking for new podcasts to listen to? What about some animal podcasts? 

This guide will explore the top podcasts in that category. Keep reading to learn more about them. 

1. 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter 

There are many podcasts about animals and nature you should check out but one of the best is called 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter. This podcast is a 30-part BBC World podcast hosted by natural history presenter Patrick Ayree. 

In the podcast, Ayree explores different species of animals and what humankind has learned from them. He also explores how these animals have inspired humans to create new forms of technology. 

2. Species 

If you’re looking for a nature podcast that explores specific species in more detail, Species is one podcast you should check out. Every episode in this podcast focuses on one animal species exploring the biology, ecology, and behavior that characterizes that species. 

Whatever animal you’re looking to learn more about you’re likely to find it on this podcast. Learn about everything from the snow leopard to the blobfish. 

3. Animalia 

Are you more interested in a strange animals podcast? You’ll love Animalia

This podcast explores some of the weird things you’ll see animals doing in nature. There are many great episodes to check out on Animalia but one of the best is called “My Favourite Parasite”. This episode explores viruses that can control minds and vampire fish.

4. The Stubborn Light Of Things 

Another urban wildlife podcast you might like is The Stubborn Light Of Things. The host of this podcast is a nature writer called Melissa Harrison. 

Each episode of the podcast focuses on the encounters she has with the flora and fauna native to her area. During her walks through the Suffolk countryside, Harrison discusses what makes her home a beautiful place. 

Melissa also hosts special guests on her podcasts. Many of these are poets or authors who recite some of their recent works. 

5. Women Birders: Happy Hour 

Women Birders: Happy Hour focuses on bird experts who happen to be women. Host Hannah Buschert isn’t new to the podcast world, however. She is the host of the podcast Hannah and Erik Go Birding as well. 

In this podcast, Hannah interviews a variety of guests including those who birdwatch, host other kinds of birding podcasts, and professionals like ornithologists. 

If this or any of the other podcasts on this list have inspired you to get a new kind of pet like a chicken or any other bird, you’ll need to find the right chicken feeder first. 

Animal Podcasts You Should Check Out 

If you’re looking for some interesting animal podcasts this list has got you covered. You’ll find in-depth dives into different species, weird animal behavior podcasts, and bird watching podcasts here. 

Check out some of the other pet and animal blogs on our site to learn more. 

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