10 Best Small Dogs For Kids

10 Best Small Dogs for Kids

Want to get a pet for your kids? Going for a dog specifically!? A tiny breed, to be more precise! But worried about which are the appropriate breeds to select from? Since there are many myths and rumours about these miniature breeds, it can be confusing and overwhelming to even start looking for one.

Tiny or small dog breeds were once a symbol of royalty and nobility only. There was a time when these kinds of dogs were bred and pampered exclusively for noble and imperial families. Even in recent times, these dogs got the tag of ‘’women accessories’’. 

What many aren’t aware of is, some of these miniature breeds can be the ideal addition to a family. While selecting the little one, take your family size, children age, and your family’s lifestyle into consideration.

The most important angle to consider is your child’s age, as experts suggest. Do not take a small dog breed into your family before your kid is at an age where they can understand rules and have respectful interaction with the pet.

This list is not a ranking list; it is not ranked in any particular order. It is just a list of ten popular and ideal breeds for you to consider from.

1. Beagle

When talking about small pup breeds, how can we not mention Beagles!

Overview :

Breed: small hound/scent hound

Life span: 12-15 years

Height: 12-16 inches (30-41 cm)

Physical traits: small, compact, sturdy, short coat

Famously known for their intelligence, loyal and good temperament, among many other breeds. Initially, beagles were bred as hunting dogs due to their terrific smelling sense and excellent tracking skills. Beagles worked harmoniously with large dog packs without any problem.

These dogs can easily accustom to loud noises and a chaotic lifestyle. There will be no issue for them to mingle into a big family. Despite their small and compact size, beagles are recognised for sturdy built and not inheriting diseases from previous generations. Recognised by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the hound group dog.

They are incredibly athletic and get along with children of different ages very well due to their friendly nature. Be mindful if beagles are left alone too much, their personality can turn destructive. Lack of attention can also be harmful to their mental and physical health. Daily exercise must be on the everyday routine. Beagles are also prone to bark and howl excessively.

2. Shih Tzu

If we talk about irresistible cuteness, Shih Tzu, which means “lion dog” in Chinese, can not stay behind.


Breed: Asian ‘toy dog’ breed originated from Tibet

Life span: 12-18 years

Height: 7.5-11 inches ( 19-28 cm)

Physical trait: Firm posture, sturdy built, large eyes and ever-growing coat

Originating from China, this breed had a pretty long and luxurious history. Being the darling of the imperial families. The Shih Tzu were so treasured and adored to the point the owners refused to sell, give away or exchange them in any form until 1930.

Shih Tzus are outgoing, sweet and very playful, typically can get along with people of all ages. Despite this fact, experts advise not to bring a Shih Tzu home if your kid is under five. This is due to their independent nature; they can sometimes be very stubborn.

Shih Tzus are very friendly, calm and energetic. It can be a tough job to keep up with their stamina. Shih Tzu’s long, ever-growing luxurious coat needs daily care, brushing and sometimes professional grooming. This is why many keep shorter coats for their little ones for convenience.

3. Pug

Pugs are another prized pet among the imperial families of China. Pugs were the valued companions of Chinese emperors and were kept in luxury and heavily guarded by imperial guards.


Breed: ‘Toy group’ recognised by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Life span: 11-15 years

Height: 8.5-14 inches ( 25-36 cm)

Physical trait: Distinctive features of a wrinkly, muzzled-short face, smooth, glossy yet wrinkly coat, curled tail, compact and well-built muscles.

Pugs are another excellent example of a small domestic dog breed. They are very family-friendly and outgoing with everyone. So there’s no need to worry when they are with children or if you have guests at home.

Pugs aren’t highly energetic; there’s no need for extensive exercise. A daily walk will be sufficient, but they are prone to gain weight, so the walk can not be missed. Pugs have a short, easy to care coat; daily brushing is sufficient. Pugs need to be kept away from high temperatures or extreme temperatures, as they are predisposed to respiratory problems.

4. Bichon Frise

Once famous in circuses, dazzling the audiences with their sweetness and impressive little tricks. Originating from Spain to getting popular in France and after the french revolution entered circuses and is now beloved as a domestic pet.


Breed: Bichon type

Life span: 12-16 years

Height: 9-12 inches (23-28 cm)

Physical trait: Fairly smaller in size, sturdy build, fluffy, soft and wavy coat (primarily white), with a long curly tail

Along with their rich history and background, Bichon Frises are a package of liveliness and charm stars. They can be the most extraordinary addition to your family. This breed is always on, eager to please mode. With their sheer intelligence and gentle temperament, Bichon Frise is affectionate to people of all ages.

American Kennel Club (AKC) even quotes them as a ‘curious’ and ‘merry’ breed. Bichon Frise is not fragile; as long as kids are educated on how to handle them, they might have an inseparable friendship. The generous and fluffy coating requires attention and professional grooming.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ranked as the 19th most popular pure-breed in the united states, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel does fall behind in any way to be on this list.  


Breed: Spaniel breed and classified as ‘toy group’ by AKC

Life span: 8-14 years

Height: 12-14 inches (30-35 cm)

Physical trait: Small yet has a hardy body, smooth and silky mid-length coat

Being extremely patient and gentle made the CKCS breed loved by people of all ages. CKCS are the best playmates for children, but they do not love to be in rough environments or interact roughly. Their even temperament is more adequate with gentle and affectionate children. Thus kids must be taught beforehand how to be around them.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a low maintenance breed. They do not need daily brushing or professional grooming. Even though they have a silky, smooth coat can be dealt with weekly bruising and slight trimming from time to time. They do not require extreme exercises too. Daily walks are enough.

6. French Bulldog

They are the miniature version of the common Bulldog breed. The big ‘bat’ ears of French Bulldogs distinguish them from similar kinds.


Breed: Domestic/champion breed (a result of a cross between English bulldog and local Ratters of France)

Life span: 11-14 years

Height: 11-15 inches (27-38 cm)

Physical trait: compact and muscular build, heavy bones, short, silky and smooth coat

Like every other domestic dog, french bulldogs need constant care and attention from their family. They’d love to tag along with whatever activity you want to do. Very cheerful and friendly get along well, adding their curious and affectionate nature they attract the love of all ages.

A daily walk for exercise and a weekly brush is sufficient for their maintenance. French bulldogs are inclined to respiratory health problems, so proper attention needs to be kept in that matter.

7. Havanese

Another pampered lap dog whose roots go back to more than 300 years. Only native dog to Havana, Cuba.


Breed: Bichon type

Life span: 13-16 years

Height: 9-11 inches (23-27 cm)

Physical trait:  Tiny, sturdy build, straight silky, smooth or wavy, ringlets double coating, folded, dropped ears and tail carried to its back.

Their charming and intelligent nature attracts friends wherever they go. Outgoing yet not delicate, suited for well-mannered kids. Their ability to learn new tricks and acquire them attach more people to them.

Havanese’ heavy, dense coating needs twice a week brushing and professional grooming. Usually, they do not have health issues nor inherit many severe illnesses. Does not require any strenuous exercises. A walk in the park is ample. 

8. Carin Terrier

Seeking children’s attention to play and mingle, forgiving minor accidents is what makes Cairn Terrier infinitely loveable.


Breed: Terrier

Life span: 11-17 years

Height: 9-14 inches (23-35 cm)

Physical trait:  vibrant double coat,  short legs, firm built

Another dog breed is part of AKC. Fun-loving, active get along with people of all ages. But due to their high prey drive, they can get scrappy with other dogs or animals. Attention is required when out with other animals. As initially bred as a working dog, usually Cairns are adaptive to harsh weathers.

Professional grooming is demanded as hand-stripping is required to pull out old dead hair.

9. Boston Terrier

Probably the most animated dog breed there is.


Breed: Terrier

Life span: 13-16 years

Height: 9-15 inches (23-39 cm)

Physical trait: Compact, strong built, well-balanced muscles, short tail. Smooth and fine coat.

As the sole purpose of breeding was to be companion dogs in the early 1900s. Boston Terriers are incredible with their families. Fun-loving and happy wherever you take them, they can even accommodate themselves in small apartments.

Bubbly and devoted towards kids, always ready to play. Minimal exercise is required. A walk in the park with kids is sufficient.

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most miniature terrier breeds or any other dog breed present.


Breed: Terrier

Life span: 12-16 years

Height: 8-9 inches (20-23 cm)

Physical trait: small body, smooth, silky, glossy and long coat

Extremely attached to their own family, sometimes feisty with stranger dogs. Better off with older children, easy to train due to their intelligence. If trained well and from an early stage, can be very well mannered and friendly.

As initially bred as working dogs, both physical and mental stimulation is required. Minimal exercise is sufficient but can not be left alone too long.