5 Ways Pet Owners Are Using CBD Oil For Their Animals

5 Ways Pet Owners Are Using CBD Oil For Their Animals

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active chemical found in cannabis. Unlike the ‘high’ effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is another active chemical, CBD products usually impact the central nervous system, and instead of a buzz effect, you get a more relaxed feeling. 

There are contrasting opinions about the use of medical marijuana. While the debate on whether cannabis has medical benefits to human beings is still ongoing, some pet owners are using marijuana on their animals. Different states, however, regulate the use of CBD on animals, and veterinarians are even prohibited from discussing its benefits.

Uses Of CBD Oil In Animals

Several CBD products can be used on animals. The most common one is CBD oil, which is offered by Populum, because of its accessibility and ease of usage. 

These are the different ways in which CBD oils could be beneficial to animals:

  1. Relieve Pain 

Cannabidiols have been found to contain a substance that brings a calming feeling to the central nervous system (CNS). CBD binds with receptors in the brain. This changes how the animal will perceive pain. The numbing effect of CBD may help reduce the pain. 

This, in turn, may help reduce the accompanying effects of pain, such as sleeplessness. Pet owners have since resorted to using this method as a way of reducing pain in their pets. Moreover, you can visit this site to get your hands on the best cbd oil for dogs.

  1. Reduce Anxiety

Animals, especially dogs, can suffer anxiety attacks. Such attacks could be due to separation from the owner, noise, fear, or aggression. One of the possible ways to reduce anxiety is through the use of CBD oils. 

While CBD might not be the best method to help reduce anxiety, the oil’s calming effect on the CNS may help settle the animal. When an animal is stressed, a quick dose should be given orally for faster results. An extended dosage could be used for animals that show recurring signs of stress, which helps protect the animal and the handler. 

  1. Reduce Skin Conditions

Some animals could suffer from skin diseases, such as dry skin, itchiness, breakage, and allergies. Finding the proper treatment for these conditions could be complicated. Therefore, many owners decided to use CBD oil to aid them.

CBD may prevent swelling on the skin. It may also limit the production of oil around the endocannabinoid system. Topical CBD has received different reactions from different skin types, which may be best for animals with underlying allergic conditions. 

  1. Used With Cancer Treatment Methods

This is one of the most abused uses of CBD oil. It’s important to note that cannabis, in itself, doesn’t cure cancer but it’s used as a supplement during cancer treatment to help the animals through this rough period. 

One of the CBD oil uses during the cancer treatment period is that it may increase appetite in animals. Loss of appetite is a common aftermath of cancer in animals. Additionally, CBD may also help reduce tumor sizes since the endocannabinoid system is related to the development of cancer. CBD may also help numb the animal during treatment and reduces the pain experienced. 

  1. Help With Arthritis 

Arthritis is common in old dogs. It reduces their mobility by causing inflammation in their limbs. It also causes joint pains, and animals can’t be as active and as jumpy as they used to be. Fortunately, administering CBD oil may help reduce the effects of arthritis. 

CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties that’ll reduce swelling on the limbs. This will allow the pet to be active. The pain caused by the swelling may also be reduced, and the pet can still be active. 

Help With Arthritis

How To Administer CBD Oils

There are various ways to administer CBD oil to your pet. In dogs, for example, there are three major ways of administering cannabis to them. The methods are the following: 

  • Oral administration: This is a method where the cannabis oil is placed directly in the dog’s mouth. A dropper can be used to measure the required dosage. When doing this, you should be gentle to avoid injuring the dog. You should wear gloves to prevent infections, too. 
  • Mix with pet food:  This is the most recommended way of administering CBD oil to pets. You can mix the oil with wet food, and they’ll take it from the food. This method is hygienic, and there’s no risk of injury for both the owner or the pet. 
  • Use Treats: You can buy CBD-infused treats and then give them to your pet. You can also do it yourself by having the correct dosage and letting it soak into treats.

Risks Of Using CBD Oils

Even though CBD oils might appear beneficial to pets in several ways, some risks accompany their usage. Over time, there could be adverse effects of using CBD oil on your animals as there’s no proven research on the use of medical cannabis. 

Here are some of the risks that accompany the usage of CBD oils: 

  • Overdose: Because medical marijuana isn’t a recognized form of medication worldwide, there are no dosage restrictions and guidelines. The amount will depend on the owner’s instincts, which may lead to overdosing.
  • Thirstiness: CBD oils may reduce saliva production. This, in turn, causes your pet’s mouth to dry, increasing thirstiness. After giving your pet CBD oils, ensure that you provide them with enough water. 
  • Drowsiness: Due to the calming effect of CBD oils, your pets may suffer from drowsiness. This will significantly affect their instincts and reflexes. It’s, therefore, crucial that you monitor your pet’s movement after administering CBD. This includes restraining them from going to dangerous places. 

Conclusion: Actions To Take

While there could be temptations to use CBD oils, it’s also important to note that their usage regulations. No global or medical rule controls the usage of medicinal marijuana on animals. Therefore, there’s no accepted guideline on how to administer CBD oils. 

However, there are some takeaway points you need to consider before dosing your pet. The most crucial one is that you need to consult your vet first. The vet will help you identify if there’s any medical condition that the use of CBD oils may trigger. You should also be aware of your region’s regulations regarding the use of marijuana.