10 Things That Scare Cats (curious as They May Seem)

Cucumbers, balloons and socks make them very nervous I Pexels

Discover why cats are scared easily and what are the things that most they fear. Make sure your cat is calm at home.

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Cats, like humans, have fear before certain situations or behaviors that, in addition to making them stand on end, imply that their physiological components be destabilized Knowing if your cat is scared is very simple since the kittens show it without holding back. When cats are afraid of their Pupils they give themselves away, their heart it accelerates and can be done up to pipi. Poor people! For these reasons it is very important to know What situations stress our pet with the aim of avoiding suffering.

In addition to giving you advice to raise the morale of your cat, in Wamiz we want you to take care of your cat without conditions and becoming aware of the things that scare you out of curiosity.

1. The removals

They do not like to move! Remember that cats are very own and very independent but, when they arrive at a house they make it their own by marking their territory. Before which it is not strange to know that the changes make them hair stand on end. See how their habitat is broken, their routine is broken and things change makes them very nervous.

2. People

That is, those that do not know. Do not be surprised if you invite strangers to your house and your cat does not show up or say hello. Remember that your cat just wants to be with human beings that incite confidence. All the others are not to your liking and the most normal thing is to hide from them.

3. Other animals

If you have a cat in your house, think very much about the assumption of adopting another pet since this gesture of new will will not be funny to your cat. The mere fact of having to share your space, living with another being and sharing your love stresses you.

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4. The noises

Do not be alarmed if your feline pees or hides for hours when listening to firecrackers, flying or heavy storms; This type of noise destabilizes him.

5. Vacuum cleaner and dryer

Following the thread of the previous point, we arrive at the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Never try to tease your cat with a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer. The noise and air they release puts them under a lot of pressure. Try turning on these appliances when you know that your cat is entertained and in another room.

6. The punishments

Cats are very sensitive to the fights of their owners. They do not like a hair that their favorite human scold them. Keep in mind that if you fight your kitten for something he has done wrong, it will be a sad and decayed time because the bonds of union with his owner are very important for him to the point that a simple warning stresses them for hours for fear of be abandoned. Poor people!

7. The socks

No one understands these animals. Never throw a ball of socks at your cat in order to play with it. From the minute you feel that this complement is going to touch you … you will leave terrified!

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8. Water

Science claims that its fear of a drop of water is intrinsic to its nature. When a delicate droplet touches her fur, her bristles bristle, tightening rapidly! Forget about giving him a bath because he will go from cute kitten to terrifying demon.

9. The balloons

Do not make fun of playing with a balloon with your cat since the moment in which you accidentally click, the toy with its claws will end badly for him. The explosion will make you hide for hours because you do not like the noise.

10. Cucumbers

Do not laugh because for them to find a cucumber on the floor makes them crazy. The reason is none other than his feline mind compared in tenths of a second to this vegetable with a snake. My poor ones.

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