Before nature proceeds to unleash its anger, it activates mechanisms that have the function of alerting many living beings that are sensitive to these signs of change. However, in certain situations many are not in ideal conditions to interpret these signals, such is the case of domestic animals that, restricted by space, do not react in the same way as those that are in the natural habitat, attentive to the possible damage.

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Therefore, within the preventive actions that are implemented in the face of natural disasters, it is mandatory to take into account our defenseless pets. The measures that we must take into account for such moments are the following:

– Make sure that your pet has a necklace with an identification plate along with the respective contact number to be able to locate you in case it goes astray, that way someone who finds it will be able to notify you of its status and return it.

– Have information on shelters or any other room where they could attend your pet, at least until the state of emergency is regulated and you can reach it.

– You must also bear in mind that many hostels do not receive pets for sanitary reasons, therefore, try to keep pointed those places that could be reliable and friendly with your pet in an eventual disaster.

-If you usually leave your pet outside, try not to do it in case of natural disaster, and be flood, hurricanes or storms.

-The microchips are always a good option to take into account to recover your pet if it is at some time lost, in addition to this way you could avoid facing difficult conditions to overcome.

– Communicate between the members of your family the place where your pet’s food is kept, also if you have the transport cage, so you will have everything at hand and in order at the time of leaving.

-It is good that you know when your pet is in situations of stress in which it can become aggressive, that way you can deal with the issue in the best way in an emergency.

-Identify, the spaces of the house in which your pet likes to hide since probably in an unexpected eventuality, he goes to shelter there. Given the case you can find it without difficulty.

– Put into practice evacuation routines together with your pet to familiarize and less evacuation.

-In such circumstances, it is good that the cage to transport your pet is in optimal conditions and have good ventilation, thus saving possible mishaps at the time of transfer.

In addition to these recommendations, it is worth saying that you should have recent photos of your pet on hand in order to find it easier when you spread the information of your missing state.