10 Ways to Make Travelling With Your Cat Easier

10 Ways to Make Travelling with Your Cat Easier

When pushed towards tasks, cats use their past experience to judge whether they’d love to do those tasks or not. And this is why most cats dread travelling; due to a not-so-good first experience.

As you make your travel plans, it’s crucial to know early enough if you would bring your cat along with you. If this would be your first time travelling with your cat- or perhaps, you wish to make the second time a better experience- we’ve gleaned some tips that would make you and your pet lovely, adventure partners!

  1. Consult your vet

Before travelling, meet with your veterinarian to know if your cat is safe to travel- especially if you are travelling via an airplane. Your veterinarian could also give you a foresight on what to do if your cat feels motion sick during your journey.

  1. Help your feline friend love its carrier

It’s safer to keep your cat in a carrier while you travel. This doesn’t just protect them from the risks of travels, but it also keeps everyone in the car safe. Again, it’s important that you help your cat get acclimatized with your carrier before the D-day. Do this by keeping the carrier in its favorite room days, giving it the chance to explore it. If you are travelling via an airplane, be sure to pick a carrier that fits the airline requirements.

  1. Practice harness training

There are occasions on your trip when you would need to take your cats out of the carrier—for instance, when the carrier goes under the X-ray at the airport. During these scenarios, you would need to find a harness that prevents your cat from escaping. Hence, it’s important you find a good leash and harness set.

  1. Take a few car trips before the D-day

Again, cats love territories. Since they are mostly indoors, they might not see the travelling car as a personal space. Alleviate this conception by taking your cat on a few, short-road trips before the day of travelling.

  1. Make mealtime, car time

Also in an attempt to make your cat familiar with your car, feed your cat in the car for at least 5 days, consecutively. This way, your pet would associate the car with a positive experience—its favorite time of the day.

  1. Feed you cat early

It’s vital you feed your cat about three to four hours before leaving the house. This is especially important for cats who suffer from motion sickness when travelling, as the food needs time to settle. You really don’t want your cat regurgitating in the car.

  1. Respect other passengers

If you are flying, do not open the carrier or put the cat on your lap. Some passengers might be allergic to cats- or might not like them as much as you do. It’s important you respect their space.

  1. Buy your cat an ID collar

Going into a wild and unfamiliar place with your cat might be an avenue for your cat to be scared and run away. If this happens, you’d be grateful you had an ID collar around your pet.

  1. Bring along blankets

If you are travelling in the winter, bring a lot of blankets- some for your cat and others for you and your family.

  1.  Would you be staying in a hotel?

If you would be staying in a hotel, be sure to confirm the hotel is pet-friendly. When you get to the hotel, crawl around (as though you are a cat), inspecting for hazards that your cat might encounter.

In Conclusion,

Travelling with your cat doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, with the right planning, it might be the best time you’ve ever spent with your favorite feline friend.