Puppies Save Long Island — Why Should We Buy Puppies From Our Breed?

Puppies Save Long Island — Why Should We Buy Puppies From Our Breed?

I am a qualified veterinarian with 26 years of experience. I am also an action dog. You have all the necessary permissions to perform the activity.

I grew up with animals, and just lost my desire to achieve without breeding.

My dog ​​breed is made with love and passion to your maximum enjoyment, especially for the well-being and respect of animals. My pup is sold out when it’s ready to go. It is necessary to know that each individual is changing at his or her own pace and that the breeder is the “world of names”. Unfortunately, the reality is different, and the puppy is not growing in good shape anytime soon.

How can I raise my puppy properly?

She has a fever and needs a mother with a baby after 10 days of childbirth at 42, 43, 44 days of pregnancy. The mother should be fed a high range of dog food 15 days before birth and at the time of her lactation. To save money, mothers are encouraged to give a puppy a bottle and keep the mother healthy.

From a three-week-old puppy to three months every 15 days, the worm is from mother to pup, on the contrary, if it is not whole, then the mother and baby should be detoxified. Family.

It should be noted that when the larva migrates to the retina, many worms can be transmitted to humans.

When your baby starts to grow and you can start a solid diet, if the grain and vet has dog crate and milk powder, then you can start eating the baby and then gourmet to taste the delicious food.

It is also necessary not to stop everything there, so that the baby has all the possible stimuli before leaving “breeding”. Infants need to know for up to 10 weeks that the noise at home and outside is in close contact with children, adults, ages, genders, dogs, breeds, sizes. Different sexes. Anything that was not done before this time was the rehabilitation of that time. It’s not exactly the same thing. Do not sell skinny dogs, puppies, scabies, bodies, fleas and ticks with a stomach full of scabies. I’ve seen it all for 26 years, so I know what you know!

When my puppies come to your place with me from our race, they will be clean day and night. They celebrate all the peasants because they are fully equipped with their own home, expansive terraces, expansive parks, fences at their disposal and directed them to meet their needs from the outside. They learned babies. Learn cruelty with gentleness and patience.

Every puppy with a veterinary health certificate must be vaccinated, identified on a microchip, and signed with not only a professional, but also a certificate of sale!

When we make the point of it all, we can compare prices, but only when there are all options! Living creatures as puppies will be an integral part of a small family for many years. This is not a light decision.