Are Cats Carnivores or Omnivores?

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We analyze if cats are really carnivores or if, as many people believe, they are omnivorous animals that can eat everything, meat, vegetables or even fruit.

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Some time ago we explained in Wamiz the reason why cats eat grass and this time we want to analyze if these animals are really carnivores or if they are omnivores as many people believe. The cat, scientifically, is considered a fully carnivorous animal and so it is when he lives free and wild in nature. However, the domestic cat has developed a series of peculiarities that start to question the previous assertion. We analyze everything below.

In Wamiz we have also talked about the foods that can not be missing from your cat's diet, including some vegetables and even fruit. But today we want to focus exclusively on the meat issue, since there is a debate on the subject that is still very much alive today. Meat, by itself, lacks calcium and other essential vitamins for the development of a feline. The cats in freedom usually eat from time to time mice and small birds of which they feed themselves in their entirety, thus ingesting their bones and even what the animal can have in its own stomach, like cereals or other type of foods of vegetal origin . That's why the gastric juices of cats are much more powerful than ours, because of the type of food they are prepared to ingest. With this type of behavior, many of the animal's food needs are covered, so he hardly needs to supplement his diet with other types of food.

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It is true that they are mostly attracted to meat, but domestic cats have become accustomed to eating a wide variety of foods, among which we can find both vegetables and cereals. That is why the specific processed foods for cats that we find in the supermarket include vegetables in their recipes, thus complementing the intake of meat that the cat would already do naturally. The tremendous versatility of its digestive system has made it adapt perfectly to these new parameters and to assimilate perfectly this type of nutrients.

There are currents of opinion that favor a vegan diet for cats, which discourages a good number of veterinarians, since the cat needs the nutrients provided by the meat to survive. This is a very recurrent theme at present, which will be discussed later in Wamiz in a very detailed way. From this writing we opted for a rich and varied diet, but based on the intake of meat, since its proteins are essential for its development

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In conclusion, we can affirm that, although the cat is a carnivorous animal by nature, over time, the pet has learned to assimilate other types of food that complement and enrich their diet, providing a series of nutrients very favorable for their development.


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