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Cat Food: Which is the Best of 2021?

A good diet is essential to keep your cat healthy. And if that food is delicious, you will also have your pet happy. Having an animal at home is a great responsibility that we must not forget. You have to decide on its nutrition yourself, so it is very important that you choose the food that best suits your kitty.

This guide is intended to show you the variety of flavors, textures, quality and nutrients that the cat food market presents. In addition to this, we will help you understand many of the eating habits that your four-legged friend may present. In this way, we want to support you to better understand your pet.

The most important

Cat Food
  • What your cat eats will influence its weight, its health and also its happiness. Eating is one of the most basic needs of any living being, so it is very important to choose quality food.
  • Cats should not eat human food because they may lack nutrients. The body of people is not the same nor does it have the same needs as that of a pussycat.
  • These animals are lovers of routines, so, probably, when you choose a food, you should keep it if they like it, because it will be difficult for them to change to another. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your choice is of quality from the first moment, so that the animal does not get used to an unhealthy brand.

The best cat food on the market: our recommendations

In this section you will see a compilation of the most popular cat food products among buyers and you will find a summary of their characteristics. Food is one of the most basic needs of any living being, so before making the decision of what food to buy we want to help you be informed. Don’t miss this list.

  • The best food for sterilized cats
  • The best wet cat food
  • Best dry cat food
  • The most complete cat food
  • The best food for adult cats

The best food for sterilized cats

This salmon-flavored food has been created for sterilized cats, which are more prone to fattening. Therefore, it is low in fat and with a high percentage of quality proteins. It has been created to keep the urinary tract healthy, it promises an optimal level of sodium and an adequate pH of the urine. It also provides Omega 3, Omega 6 and zinc.

It is made up of 15% salmon, 14% whole wheat and small percentages of corn proteins and dehydrated poultry proteins, whole barley, pork and beef proteins. It also contains vegetable fiber, beet pulp, animal fat, salt and potassium chloride. Buyers agree that their cats love it.

The best wet cat food

This wet food comes in cans and is available in several flavors: beef, salmon, chicken, and duck with spinach. They are sold as gourmet food and buyers really highlight the quality of the food. If your cat is older and has problems chewing dry food, this option is ideal. Wet food hydrates more than feed.

In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, these cans contain products of plant origin, mineral substances, sugars and nutritional additives. Consumers note that these cans take a long time to expire, so they are suitable for those who only want to give them on special occasions, but want to buy the large package.

Best dry cat food

This dry food can be salmon or turkey and chicken. 4% of its composition is meat and 32% are derived from animal origin. This is supplemented with natural prebiotics to improve sensitive digestive systems, such as biotin, zinc, and vitamin D, the latter necessary for bones.

On the other hand, Solimo’s feed does not contain artificial aromas, colors or preservatives. This meal provides 350 calories (kcal) for every 100 grams eaten. Buyers highlight its affordable price, which is not always convincing as to whether that can affect quality. But everyone agrees that their cats love the taste.

The most complete cat food

This is a dry food created for sterilized cats. To do this, it offers a recipe low in fat, high in protein and dietary fiber of whole grains, which help control body weight. It is made up of 16% salmon, 15% protein from corn and dehydrated chicken, while 8% is dehydrated pork.

It is complemented with dehydrated peas, oats, brown barley, brown rice, beet pulp, butter and sugars, among others. Buyers emphasize that it is a healthy, balanced meal from the most natural brands they have found in this market. Pets really like its taste, according to ratings.

The best food for adult cats

This jelly wet food comes in sachets and in four different flavors. It is made up of pieces of salmon in sauce, with which it tries to convince even the most demanding cats when it comes to eating. This product can be purchased with 80 or 120 envelopes. They have 100 grams each and are available in dispenser boxes.

This food from the Félix brand has between 4 and 8% fish or meat in each of the envelopes. You can give your cat up to four of these sachets a day. It has no artificial colors, preservatives or seasonings. 6.5% is protein, while 3% is fat. It should be kept in a cool and dry place.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cat Food

Cat Food

Before opting for one brand or another, for one product or another, you should know more about cat food and the eating habits of these animals. Remember that these pets are very routine, so if they like their feed, they will hardly want to change to another. Therefore, from the beginning, try quality food.

What are the differences between dry food and wet cat food?

It should be mentioned here that both types of food do not compete. Many vets recommend a combination of dry and canned or wet food so that the benefits of both can be taken advantage of.

A very important fact to keep in mind is that the feed usually contains between 5-10% water, so it offers little hydration for your pet. In contrast, cans of wet cat food usually contain 60-80% water.

Why should I give my pet cat food and not human food?

The nutritional needs of a cat are not the same as those of humans. These pets have a different metabolism than ours. Therefore, if you feed a cat what you eat, it can lead to giving it nutrients and calories that it does not need. Cat food is prepared with your needs in mind and should always have some source of animal protein and fat.

In addition, many of the foods that people eat can be harmful to cats, such as onion, garlic, avocado, grapes or chocolate, among others. If you decide to give him some human food, you should first check that it is not harmful to these feline pets. The cat food is already prepared for him.

Should cat food always be supplemented with water?

As with people, a cat is made up of 60% water. Therefore, it is necessary that your pet always have fresh water, especially while eating. They love that the water is totally fresh and clean, and it should be noted that the lack of hydration has been linked to alterations in the health of cats.

Therefore, always accompany your feed with fresh water. Dry food contains very little water, while wet food comes with large doses of this hydrating element. You should also know that sterilized cats need more water to avoid urinary stones. So always have fresh water available for your cat.

Is cat food the same as that of a dog?

If you have a cat and a dog at home, you will sometimes see them eat each other’s food. Sometimes they do it to mark territory or because they have run out of theirs and want to eat more than their share. But it is better to prevent your cat from eating your dog’s feed. They are foods created for different organisms. The main differences are:

  • Vitamin A: While it is an essential element in cat food, many dog ​​foods do not include it.
  • Taurine: Many dog ​​foods do not contain taurine, while if your cat eats a diet low in this substance, he could develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease.
  • Meat: The feline needs more protein than the dog, whose food also needs to contain a large part of cereals or carbohydrates.
  • Hydrates and cereals: They are not very necessary for the organism of felines, but they are for dogs.

What food should the cat never eat?

Bread, cereals and other similar carbohydrates can make it difficult for your cat to digest and cause discomfort, so it is best to avoid them. Fiber can be given in small amounts if your pet has a traffic problem, but don’t give him large amounts. Do not give it vegetarian food, the cat is carnivorous and without meat it may lack nutrients.

You also have to be careful with additives that can make cats dependent on a food, since they are elements that do not provide nutrients. As we mentioned earlier, there are basic human foods that a cat cannot ingest, such as chocolate, whole milk, onion, and garlic.

Is it recommended to change the cat food that I give to my pet?

Cats are animals of habit for everything in the day to day. They love their routines, especially the domestic kitties. Therefore, they are not very open to changes in diet. It will not make you happy and at times you may prefer not to eat. If you want it to change, do it with a process that is very slow. Respect their times.

Therefore, while you are trying the brands that they may like, it is recommended that you offer quality food from the beginning. Since, if you become fond of a product, if you like it, it will be difficult to change it. And, clearly, you can’t feed him unhealthy food for a long period of time.

Is it advisable to buy cheap cat food?

Experts recommend looking at the quality and not the price. In many cases, quality goes hand in hand with cost, but not always. Therefore, the most important thing is not to look at the pocket, but at the product label. When it comes to having a pet, it is known that its maintenance will be an expense and you have to be prepared to assume it.

In addition, nutrition specialists say that, often, the foods that cats like the most are precisely the worst quality, and that is because they contain additives that make them dependent on that food, which makes them your final costs can also be lowered. Therefore, it is advisable to take a good look at the content of the food.

What cat food is recommended for a pregnant kitten?

A pregnant cat will need more energy, since she has to eat herself and feed all the babies to be born. It is best for an adult cat to take a minimum of 25% protein, while babies and cats that are pregnant or lactating should ingest a minimum of 30% of this nutrient. Your appetite will be greater.

It is also important to mention that female cats have more difficulty producing milk during the lactation period and need to increase the amount of their body fat during pregnancy. Vitamins and supplements are not usually necessary for the pregnant cat, unless she is very underweight.

What cat food should sterilized animals avoid?

Neutered cats have a longer life expectancy as they tend to be calmer and avoid risky behaviors. And also, these animals are more likely to get fat. This is because a neutered cat shows a greater appetite, and therefore tends to eat more.

For this reason, most of the brands in the cat food market offer specific products for animals that are sterilized. These foods have fewer calories. If your neutered pet is over seven years old, he will need an antioxidant-boosted supplement that many feline foods offer.

How much protein should cat food contain on average?

It depends on the age of your pet. Thus, when your kitten is less than one year old, the amount of protein of animal origin in its food should not fall below 30% of the total nutrients, as for cats that are pregnant or lactating. From one year to seven years, protein should be around 26% in food.

You should not give more, especially in neutered cats or pets that never leave the house, since they can gain weight if they consume a lot of protein. It is important to mention here that cats need protein of animal origin in their diet, so they cannot be vegetarian, since their body would have deficiencies.

Why doesn’t my cat want her food and how do I fix it?

There can be different causes. It may be because he does not like the food you have chosen for him, it may be that it is located in a location in the house where there are strong odors that displease your pet or it could be that he suffers from a disease. Below you will see different causes and solutions for your cat to eat:

  • You don’t like the taste. One of the first causes that you should rule out is that he does not like the food you are giving him. This part has an easy solution: try different brands and flavors until you discover if any of these appeal to you. For this, there are envelopes and packages that offer small amounts of food.
  • It is very hot. In summer or in hot climates, cats eat less. It is no reason to worry because they also spend more time resting and expending less energy. Make sure they always have water and cool places to rest from the high temperatures.
  • Location of food. Cats are very clean and neat animals. If their food is placed in a place with strong odors or that is dirty, they may not like it. For example, a litter box should be away from the feed bowl.
  • Depression. If there has been any sudden change or traumatic experience in his environment, a cat may be depressed. A move, a new baby in the family, or a new pet can lead to this. When it happens, the animal does not want to eat and sleeps a lot. If this is the case, spend time with him and give him love so that he sees that he is important in your life.
  • Disease. If your pet vomits, has diarrhea or you feel that he may have a fever, you should take him to the vet as soon as possible. It could be a simple poisoning or it could be something more serious.
  • Hairballs in the intestine. Cats clean themselves with their scratchy tongue and that leads them to eat a lot of hair. Many times they do not eat because they feel full. Keep it brushed so that it does not ingest more and give it malt to expel the hair. If it doesn’t work, take him to the vet.

What cat food contains malt to help my pet expel hairballs?

The cat’s tongue has a texture capable of dragging all the fur and, therefore, these animals use it to be very clean. The problem is that those hairs swallow them and remain in your intestine. You should keep your cat brushed so that it swallows less fur. And you should also give him food that contains malt.

It will be difficult for your pet not to want that malt, since it is usually available in the form of a treat with an appetizing flavor for the cat. It is a paste of natural origin. Therefore it is not a complete food, it is only a complement. This product will help eliminate hair through stool, as it works as a laxative. Put some in their food.

Should I supplement cat food with treats or treats?

We all like nice flavors, and a treat makes cats happy. But you have to be careful with these products. Treats should generally make up no more than 10% of your cat’s diet. You always have to look at the ingredients of the food, also when we talk about sweets to avoid high sugar intakes.

They are useful for workouts. If you want to change an annoying habit of your cat, you can reward it when it behaves well and you can do it with a treat and thus reinforce good behavior. At the same time, don’t give him a treat when he does something he shouldn’t. They also serve to strengthen your ties and their trust in you.

How many times a day should I feed my cat?

A cat should eat two or three times a day, according to the recommendations of veterinarians. Although this will depend on your character and your habits. The cat’s digestive system is programmed to perform small digestions several times a day. What is very important is that you adjust to the calories you should consume.

Everything will depend on the craving of the animal and how he rations his food. Some may have all the food in the bowl from the morning and eat their food throughout the day, little by little. Others will eat all the feed the moment you give it to them. Therefore, you must take care of diversifying your intake.

How many calories should my cat eat a day with his food?

There are several factors to observe to know how many calories to give to a cat: age, weight, if it is sterilized or not, if it is a cat and is pregnant or the amount of activity that your pet does throughout a day. We must know the energy density of the food and divide it by its kilograms to take into account the metabolizable energy.

Generally speaking, it is estimated that around 60 calories should be offered per one kilogram of your cat’s weight per day. Dry food contains about 300 calories per cup.

What happens if my cat’s food does not contain taurine?

Cat Food

Cats need to ingest taurine. And without taurine, or with diets deficient in it, the membranes of the felines and their structures would suffer functional alterations. For example, if your pet has vision problems, these can lead, without taurine consumption, into blindness. The cat can also develop dilated cardiomyopathy in its heart.

Taurine is only found in animal tissues, which means that we have to respect that felines are carnivores and cannot be given a vegetarian diet. Taurine is an amino acid, as is arginine, and both nutrients are very necessary for the health of your pet, so it should not be missing in their food.

Purchase criteria

When buying food for our cat, it is important to evaluate many aspects. Food is the basis of your feline’s health. Here, we have included the most important factors that you should consider before purchasing this product. That way you can make sure you make the right decision. These criteria are:

  • Texture
  • Ingredients
  • Flavors
  • Colors
  • Quality

The two best known textures of cat food are dry food and wet food. Experts recommend that both styles of food be alternated and not that the wet one be used as a reward, as is sometimes done. The positive thing about wet food is that it provides a lot of water and cats hydrate themselves with food.

Another positive factor for wet food is that it will be very useful for elderly animals that have less force to chew. The good thing about dry feed is that it usually has more versions intended for sterilized animals, to prevent them from becoming fat, which strengthens the teeth and can also be kept in any climate once the package is opened.

In the following table we will see the main nutrients or components that are present in cat food. This way you will easily understand which part of the label interests you and what you should look for when you look at it. Many times, due to publicity, they may try to deceive you, and in this table we do our best to keep you well informed.

Normally, the flavor of the main ingredient prevails, which is usually salmon or some meat such as chicken or turkey, plus vegetables. But, on many occasions flavoring elements are also added to the feed to make it more pleasant to eat. As long as the food contains the necessary nutrients, the taste will depend on what your pet wants.

It is very important to know that the sensitivity of cats to bitter tastes is 400 times higher than that of dogs, but, on the contrary, they lack taste buds to be able to enjoy sweet flavors.

Actually, the set of raw materials and the preparation mean that cat food should not be colorful, so if there is any color, such as reddish or green, it is because the food contains some type of coloring. Sometimes it is more common to find artificial colors in poor quality feed.

As with many products, those for cats have very striking colors that try to capture our attention with their packaging and advertisements. But that is not necessary at all. The important thing is the quality ingredients and not the extra elements that add color to a food for your cat.

Most experts divide the quality of cat food into three different types. The quality is marked mainly by the ingredients that make up the food. It is very important that you carry the amount that is needed for the nutrient to fulfill its function, as seen above. The quality is divided like this:

  • Low quality: It is made with by-products of animals not suitable for human consumption, such as cartilage, feathers, crushed beaks or hooves or viscera. To fill, they usually carry chemicals that can taste good or be addictive, but do not necessarily feed.
  • Medium quality: They tend to alternate meat with by-products of animal origin. Therefore, the protein does not come as much from meat or fish.
  • High quality: It has the amount of protein that is required, coming from meat and not by-products of animal origin. They are low in carbohydrates and cereals, while they do not usually have artificial flavorings or preservatives.


When you go to choose the food that you are going to buy for your cat it is very important that you look at the quality of the food. We all know that when we decide to make a pet part of our lives, we will have more expenses each month. The important thing will be the health of your cat and giving him healthy food will allow him to have a good quality of life.

Take a good look at the food label for your cat. And always give priority to the ingredients that it takes. Colors and flavorings are extras that are not really necessary for the well-being of your pet. If your cat does not like his feed, change the brand or note that I do not have any problem in his body.

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