In some cases it may be a good idea to consider the option of buying a hair clipper for our dog. If your dog behaves well, you have time, skill and patience, why not? You can try as long as you have the necessary instruments to carry out the task. In this post we tell you what you should keep in mind when choosing a hair clipper machine for dogs.

Before buying the dog hair clipper machine

The first thing to know is the use you are going to give to the razor. There are people who only want it to maintain the most delicate areas of their pet such as snout, ears, legs or belly. And others are looking for a machine that is capable of doing a comprehensive hairdressing job.

In the event that you only want to make small arrangements, a special wireless razor could be sufficient for arrangements.

Factors to consider when choosing a hair clipper machine for dogs

If in your case, what you are looking for is to do the maintenance of your dog’s haircut yourself, you will need a professional machine that has the following characteristics:

  • Weight: That is light for your comfort when operating.
  • Ergonomics: That best suits your movements.
  • Resistance: Since you will surely spend a lot of time on homework.
  • Power: Rate if you need one or two speeds.
  • Compatibility: Several heads compatible with different brands.

Blades or heads of the hair clipper machine for dogs

Your shearer will bring at least one blade, but the ideal is to have more than one and even help us with scissors for certain more complicated access areas.

Check that the machine you buy is compatible with several blades. The numbers of the blades correspond to the length you want to leave the haircut of your dog. So when buying it will be important to decide how long you are going to work. Normally to decide on a blade or another (the higher the number the shorter the hair will be). If you have doubts when deciding the numbering of the blade you can consult it with our staff and wrote an ultimate guide with a list the best dog grooming clippers.

So that they do not oxidize the ideal is that after using them you clean them and give it with a little lubricating oil so that they last as long as possible in perfect conditions.

In summary, you can opt for a household razor to save fast situations such as small arrangements or occasional cuts or you can decide on a professional, more precise and powerful machine for integral finishes. You have the last word!

Choose the one you choose, we hope your dog is very handsome and cool. And remember that if after several attempts you do not have much success or desist, you always have at your disposal our professionals who will be happy to fine-tune your dog.