6 Tips to Create a Dog-Friendly Home

6 Tips to Create a Dog-Friendly Home

Having a safe and healthy home for our pups is very important. This not only allows them to feel a part of the family but helps you keep your home clean and tidy.

Just like preparing for any new arrival, if you haven’t owned a dog before, you may need to make some changes. However, understandably, it can be challenging to know where to get started.

If you’re looking for some advice, keep on reading! We are going to take a look at six tips to help you create a dog-friendly home.

Let’s begin!

Eliminate clutter

Dogs are notorious for getting into things, so if you will be having one inside your home, it’s important to eliminate clutter. The less rubbish you have inside, the fewer chances there are for them to eat or chew something they shouldn’t.

Are you having trouble downsizing? Take a look at these decluttering tips for more information.

Create a safe space

Just like humans, dogs can also get stressed and need to be alone. If you haven’t already, make sure that they have a safe space that is just for them.

Some people choose to do this by crate training, but you can also set up a quiet corner with a cozy bed and their favorite toys. They’ll love you for it.

Stay on top of cleaning

Cleaning is important to keep a healthy environment. However, with pets, it’s even more essential. Even with regular baths, they can bring in dirt, bacteria and shed a lot of fur.

Try your best to stay on top of cleaning so that both you and your pet have a clean and happy home. If you are struggling with bad smells, check out this Pet Odor Removal Service.

Secure the yard

Even if you don’t plan on leaving your dog outside on its own, securing your yard is a must. Without adequate fencing, they could quickly escape becoming lost or injured.

Make sure to keep your gates locked at all times and seal off any holes (even if they only look small). You can find more advice on dog-proofing your backyard here.

Purchase good quality toys

Every dog needs toys, and they are an important part of their wellbeing. Alongside encouraging exercise, they provide comfort and challenge their minds. This can then prevent them from getting bored throughout the day.

There are plenty of great designs out there, but if you are trying to save money, you can also look at making safe dog toys with items you may have already. Just make sure they are age and size-appropriate.

Invest in low-maintenance flooring

Finally, if you have the finances saved up and are ok with making some renovations, it might also be a good idea to invest in low-maintenance flooring. 

Things such as tiles, wooden floorboards, and laminate are easy to clean and perfect for your furry friend to run on. Trust us when we say it can save you a lot of time.