How to Care And Buy White Tiger Cubs

How to Care And Buy White Tiger Cubs

Most people think that it is impossible to own a big cat or a tiger since they are wild animals, if it is realistic, it is possible, but it is expensive, it is about having a large space, and a lot of attention. Bengal Tigers cubs are the most bought by the rich, because they can afford to keep them according to the needs of the growing puppy.

The search may be one of the most difficult parts to buy a tiger cub, but it is also beneficial to create contacts with wildlife reserves and rescue organizations and shelters for big cats. You have to be willing to pay up to $ 25,000 for a tiger cub, it is important to have this amount of money ready when you are looking for a tiger cub to buy, this makes it possible to start the purchase process immediately, it is also Good to have a veterinarian to treat your puppy, as needed, this is another expensive part when you buy a tiger cub, but it is vital before signing a contract, the problem is finding a veterinarian with the required experience.

You have to buy a stainless steel cage that can support the maximum weight of your tiger cub, you must always keep in mind that they need their space, in addition you must have a truck with enough space. To transport your tiger in the cage to the veterinarian, some states have cage requirements, such as having a minimum of five hectares to be able to own a large cat, this makes state and federal permits to be able to maintain a tiger on your property, and you must contact the court of the local jurisdiction for the procedure.

How to take care of a Tiger Cubs

The care of a tiger is a great responsibility, since it demands considerable resources and great commitments unlike domestic cats, which have been tamed for thousands of years, tigers are wild cats that can be unpredictable and dangerous, they need diets to unlike that of domestic cats, they also need fresh meat to survive, they must be trained in handling them, since improper handling can make them angry.

Contact a veterinarian specializing in tigers for your care, they require specialized care and should be treated by veterinarians who have experience. The US Department of Agriculture, which oversees licenses, does not deliver any to have a tiger unless arrangements have been made with a qualified veterinarian.

Contact a state wildlife agency to find out the requirements for the ownership of tigers, and also contact your local government for laws regarding licensing and zoning requirements.

Build a house for the tiger that is approximately 500 to 1,000 square feet, the house should have a shelter and adequate sanitation, also build an exterior fence around it to prevent someone from approaching the interior.

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