Best Food For The Bulldog
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What Is The Best Food For The Bulldog?

Discover the perfect Bulldog diet for optimal health. Feed your furry friend the best food for a vibrant life!

“What should I feed my Bulldog?” It is one of the most frequently asked questions in the world of Bulldog. No one thought that feeding would be a problem until their Bulldogs began to show skin rashes, dry and itchy skin, ear infections, hair loss, flatulence, etc. Most likely, you are reading this article because you too, suddenly, have understood that the food you are giving your Bulldog is no longer good.

Recently, I discovered that 50% of police dogs (k-9) die of cancer and that one in four dogs develop cancer during their lifetime. These statistics make us worry about the health of our Bulldog … 1 in 4 dogs has cancer! Even my anxiety has anxiety! Think about how many problems we could cause our puppy with each bowl we fill. Whatever the reason … Surely you are looking for the best possible food for your Bulldog, just like me. In this article we will emphasize the benefits of thinking of a healthy and nutritious diet for our Bulldog and learn what the ingredients are never. They must enter the mouth of your Bulldog. In addition, you will discover what are our favorite brands recommended by specialists. In this investigation, I will analyze and criticize the food we give to our four-legged friends, and I hope you do too.

But is it really important to give my dog ​​good food? Certainly. Choosing a good brand of dog food plays a very important role in many ways. Your Bulldog’s diet will affect your muscle tone, energy and joint resistance. And again, it will help hair growth, skin health, digestion and even the ability to fight and prevent diseases. Does your bulldog lose a lot of hair? Do you usually make slow stools? It could be caused by food. Giving your Bulldog quality food ensures that the family enjoys the privilege of feeling he snoring happily while they are all gathered in front of the TV. But, instead, he is waiting…… what we really want is to eliminate flatulence, do not keep it. Although I have met a strange guy who has entrusted me that…. Well, he likes to hear and smell the flows of his Bulldog. But that’s another story, hahaha.

How Do We Know Which Food Is Right For Our Bulldog?

We all know the most popular dog food brands. These include Purina and Pedigree. But, it must be said that the fact that they are famous does not mean that they are the best. These brands are the best known in their field, but only because they are the brands that invest the most in making beautiful and sweetened advertisements to attract customers. There are hundreds of brands of dog food, and almost all of them advertise absurdly to sell. There was one who showed how the ancestors of our dogs hunted to eat real meat… Simply put, all these marketing strategies confuse the buyer and distract attention from what he is really buying. So, how can you narrow the field and understand what product I should buy? Continue reading…

Could you say “and if I buy the brand that has Bulldog’s picture like mine on the envelope”? Understandably, a person who has an English bulldog chooses a food envelope that has a picture of an English Bulldog above. But it is not a good criterion to choose what to give your dog. The Royal Canin is an example for me. I don’t want to be a problem, but did you know that the main ingredients of Royal Canin food are:

  • Rice: rice is a quality grain, but the main ingredient of the dog’s diet should be meat.
  • Chicken waste: pieces of inedible meat, coming from other production processes, such as legs, stomach, brain, intestine and spleen.
  • Brown rice: Other wheat.

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