All You Need is a New Family Member

All you need is a new family member

There are several species of dwarf rabbits breeds, and in one of these species we find toy rabbits and extra toy rabbits. Dwarf rabbits are usually no more than 20 cm in weight not more than one kilometer . Life expectancy is 6-9 years and in good condition.

Difference between rabbit toy and super toy

Rabbit toys weigh 1300 gr for adults when in good condition, but super toy rabbits weigh 1100 gr. It all depends on your diet and physical activity, where you grew up, where you were stressed, etc. The less tension, the more stress you need and the more treatment you need.

Rabbit Habitat is controlled

If you decide to add your family as a member, we need to prepare and prepare your home, and it’s important to make sure rabbits live well. Because he has been a place spent all his life, he should be comfortable and at ease. Completed to avoid risk of disease. Therefore, it is better to adapt the shelter as an accessory for rabbits.

The cage will only be for a few hours, just like at night . Shorter hours are better because they can lead to physical and psychological problems. There is a special park for rabbits . For every rabbit we wish to have, an area of ​​4 square meters is recommended, and the space of 2 square meters is wider, so you can walk freely. The park can be assembled and disassembled and takes up a bit of space.

After putting live where the bunny, you need to throw the source of beverages and restaurants . Beverages with ceramic bowls are common and typically have a capacity of about 500 cubic centimeters. Since rabbits eat especially hay, the best way to keep the hay clean is with chickens, and rabbits do not throw away food.

Accessories that help clean the tray and meet the needs of rabbits. To get rid of feces and wet beds, it is best to do this daily with a shovel, as it will prevent the accumulation of dirt and the spread of unwanted diseases .