Pepecos, The World's First Adoption Animal Metasearch

The adoption of animals has become one of the most used practices today by those people or families who want a pet to become part of their lives. To make this process easier for users, has been created. Its about The world's first metasearch engine that combines all the information under one platform from multiple third party websites. In this way, it has become the most complete animal adoption website in Spain with more than 15,000 animals registered to date.

Intuitive and simple use

The tool offers simple use. It offers different functionalities such as filters to facilitate the adoption process. Through filters, users can find a specific location. This way you can know which animals are closest to your location. You can also filter by type of animal that you want to adopt, although for now only the option of dogs and cats is available. Finally, it has advanced filters to delve deeper into possible user preferences such as sex, age, size and race.

When using pepecos, the process is simplified by having two steps:

  1. The user identifies who at first instance could be a good candidate for best friend.
  2. Contact the entity directly, person or organization in charge of the animal.

Free and without intermediaries

The project is the idea of ​​three lovers of animals and technology that after analyzing this field, detected that there were technical deficiencies in addition to a lack of resources and means.

On the one hand, they warned that the vast majority of people involved in the different projects or organizations do so in a selfless way, with the few means available to them and in their free time. On the other hand, they also observed that people who seek to adopt a pet also do not have resources to facilitate and speed up the process.

After observing these shortcomings, they studied the possibility of creating a useful project, capable of helping both parties, reducing efforts and enhancing the visibility of adoption cases.

In addition, Pepecos, pretends to be a national reference for public statistical data. As of today, there are no official sources in which to consult the exact number of abandoned animals or the% of adoptions that are carried out every year at the national level.

Although it is fully operational, work continues on the application to improve its functionality by expanding the filters on the web and the development of the mobile app that will bring the functionality of lost animals as a novelty, allowing users to upload a photo of the animal found together With the time and location.