Gijón, a Beautiful Dog Friendly City of Spain

With traffic and crowds, cities maybe are not the perfect place for pets. But some of the biggest cities on earth still find ways to make the man best friend welcome. London, Amsterdam and Paris are some of those Dog Friendly City. In Spain, some cities are, but there is one that has become a reference in Spain. Gijón or Xixón.

Dog Friendly City: Gijón.

Gijón is a beautiful city located in the Region of Asturias, in the northern area of Spain. In the past, Gijón was famous for its port but nowadays is well-known in Spain for being a beautiful Dog Friendly city.The official censuses register more than 20,000 families with dogs. Dogs in Gijón are considered real members of the family and are carried to all kinds of activities with their owners, from going out for a walk to shopping or entering a popular restaurant. Today there are even establishments that serve a skewer to the owner and puts another to the dog. It has not yet come to the point of having dog skewers charts with allergies and food intolerances as in other European countries but is just a matter of time.

In 2016, this city launched a campaign called “Guijón, Yes Mi Can” (Yes My Dog) for fomenting the tourism and offers to all its visitants’ accurate information to enjoy and discover all the spaces created for pets. Gijón counts with over 40 public spaces for unleashing your furry best friend; furthermore, there are exceptional beaches for pets, over 17 accommodations and a large number of shops and restaurants that allow dogs entry. All these features have made of Gijón the “Dog Friendly City” par excellence.

The increase of family trips and couples with pets has improved in a considerable way in recent years. Due to this, Gijón,  wants to be a pioneer in tourist offer and has set all the necessary to make Gijon a Dog Friendly City. Gijón is a city that loves animals but over all dogs. In this sense, it’s necessary to enumerate its numerous advantages:

  • More than 40 open spaces for dogs. 
  • Since 2016, “El Rinconcín Beach” is open to dogs throughout the whole year. 
  • The iconic San Lorenzo Beach, is accessible to dogs, between the 2 to 8 steps, and during no bathing season ( From November to April).  
  • More than 10 hotels in town are pet friendly. A large number of bars, restaurants and shops are pet friendly.

Please, be aware that not all of the commerces, shops, bars and restaurants are part of this campaign to make Gijon a fantastic Dog Friendly City. Those restaurants, shops, bars and hotels that admit animals will have in their shop windows, or where they consider, a mark that identifies them. The mark that identifies these commerce is a sticker with the footprint “Dog Friendly” that will have a QR code for the public to have all the updated info. This campaign not only benefits tourism but also the inhabitants of Gijon, who will have all the information of where to enjoy their dogs. This server also allows to hoteliers, restaurateurs and merchants can show their offers, their services and a campaign that “makes the city” and vertebra the services of different sectors.

No one can doubt that pet tourism is booming, nowadays dogs owner decided where to go depending on whether they accept animals or not. Studies have already been developed and estimate that 9 out of 10 pet owners travel with them. If you want to discover Gijón, the beautiful Dog Friendly City, firstly you need to find your ideal pet friendly hotel in Asturias. Once you have selected your lodging, don’t miss the vast array of Dog Friendly areas in Asturias.

“GIJÓN” Top 45 Tourist Places | Gijón Tourism | SPAIN

"GIJÓN" Top 45 Tourist Places | Gijón Tourism | SPAIN

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