Tips For Those Who go on Holiday With Their Pet

You can not resolve to leave your trusty doggie or kitty at home when you go on vacation? So, just take it with you! However, be sure to take the necessary precautions (see below) so that everyone can travel around the world safely and with peace of mind!

Think about it before you start

Before setting off or flying to distant lands, it is best to check that all vaccines and papers for your pet are in order. Be aware, for example, that your faithful companion must be vaccinated at least 21 days before departure against rabies. Your veterinarian can provide you with the necessary documents. Carry the European passport of your faithful companion on all fours and ensure that he or she is identifiable via an electronic chip (aka transponder). A tattoo made before July 3, 2011 is also valid. Warning: if you go to the UK, Ireland or Malta is aware that a transponder is mandatory.

I’m going on vacation and I’m taking…

Abroad, you will not always find pet supplies or your pet’s favorite food. Unfortunately, all you need is a change of diet so that your faithful companion gets a full stomach. It is better than to carry a small portion of food which he is accustomed to so that the change is not too abrupt.

Especially in hot places, the risk of heat stroke is real. Always carry enough water and flip through the garden & animal folders for a folding lunch box, easy to pack in your backpack. Hang a small medal or an address tag with your details on your pet’s collar and always have a clear picture of your faithful companion in your pocket (or in your smartphone).

On holiday by car with your pet?

Before making a long journey, it is better to accustom your faithful companion by taking him by car on shorter distances. Make sure there is a nice temperature and there is plenty of fresh air in the cabin, but do not let your dog stick out of the window. Not only is it dangerous, but it also often causes ear infections and conjunctivitis.

In many European countries including France, Italy and Spain, your dog must travel in a closed cage or with a harness (a safety belt specially designed for him) . For the full list, take a look at this website. For cats, it is better to opt for a small cat basket. Provide plenty of water and excrement bags and favorite toys for your doggie or kitty. In short, do not hesitate to visit your favorite pet store to have everything you need.

Just like for you, it is advisable to allow your faithful companion to stretch his legs every two hours. Not to mention the leash of course, especially in places that yours pet does not know. Especially near the highway… Never leave your pet in the car. The temperature can quickly rise above 50°.

On a plane holiday with your faithful four-legged friend?

The regulations differ from one airline to another. At Brussels Airlines, for example, taking your pet on a trip is no problem. Depending on its size and especially its weight, your faithful companion on all fours may or may not accompany you in the cabin. Dogs and cats weighing more than 8 kg must travel via a transport cage in the hold. It is best to inform your airline in advance about specific rules for pets. The price to bring your pet varies so much from one company to another. This can cost you from € 20 to € 800.

Here too, it is better to accustom your pet in advance to the conditions of travel. Give easy food to your faithful companion 24 hours before the trip, but never sedatives. With the variations of atmospheric pressure, it turns out to be a very bad combination.

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