Top 5 Tips to Take Care of Your Pet

Even if the cold wave has passed, winter is still here! It is important to stay alert and alert to your pet. The Dog Daycare is your one stop daycare for your best furry friends. Follow our 5 tips to take care of your dog or cat.

1- The age is important

An older or very young animal will be less resistant to cold. Indeed a puppy or an older dog is more fragile, just like a baby or a senior.

In the older dog, the joints are put to hard test with the cold. The ideal is to do a check-up at your vet. During this visit, also make sure that your pet is not diabetic and has no kidney problems. These two diseases can get worse with the cold.

2- A cat hidden in the engine?

In winter, cats seek warmth. And what better than a car and its engine still hot! They hide very often near the wheels. When you take your car, tap on the hood or a hint of horn to scare them away. Many cats are injured each winter as they sneaked into the wrong place.

3- Check the legs of your pet

If your pet is outside, check his legs and especially his pads. Contact with cold or frozen ground may cause cracking and infection. To protect them you can put a fat on the pad to make a protective film.

4- Adapt the feeding of your animal in winter

If your pet spends most of his time outside it is recommended to adapt his diet because his energy needs will increase. Increase the daily rations by 10 to 20% depending on the level of their activity and consider dietary supplements. Be careful not to overfeed anyway.

Do not neglect to arrange a warm place to sleep, if so, the animals can also take cold, even if they have fur!

Very active dogs have an even greater energy need. It is recommended to give them fat in their diet.

5- Wash them less!

It may sound strange but do not wash your pet too much in winter. Yes, you probably do not know but your pet will naturally secrete sebum. This layer protects it from cold and moisture. Washing it will remove the protection and expose it a little more coldly. To improve the quality of the coat, you can also give it yeast.