Traveling with a Pet

Traveling with a Pet in a Post COVID-19 World

Ready to travel with your pet in a post COVID-19 world? Follow our guide to ensure a safe and stress-free trip.

We know that you’ve been waiting impatiently for the pandemic to be over – we have too! When the pandemic started, we saw laws about pet travel change dramatically in many countries. Even after their limited track record with transmitting or testing positive for the coronavirus, many countries chose to play it safe. 

Those restrictions will be over soon, and you’ll be free to take your pet wherever you want. In case you’ve never tried it before, let us give you some tips about pet-travel. 

1. Invest in a Cat/Dog Carrier 

If you plan on taking your cat on hikes and long walks with you, it might be a good idea to invest in a cat backpack. These backpacks are designed specially with people like you in mind, and to keep your cat happy and safe while you brave the great outdoors. 

They’re exactly like a traditional backpack, but instead of having compartments for most of your stuff, they have enough room to comfortably contain your cat while you move about. Some backpacks even let your cat have a view, so your furry friend can enjoy the view just as much as you would. 

The same is true for dogs, but they need to be crate trained from a young age to be comfortable in cages and carriers. Cats on the other hand naturally love cozy, warm places and have known to jump right in when faced with a carrier. You can look for the right carriers on the Furry friends gear blog, where they review countless options for you to choose from. 

2. Ask After Airport Regulations 

If you’re planning on taking your pet to another country, you need to be aware of the ever-changing pet travel regulations, both in your country and in the country you’re planning to visit. It would be best if you called the airline you want to travel with and ask them directly instead of looking for solutions online, because these policies are changing a lot, especially in today’s world, and they’ll most likely keep changing. 

You need to ask them about what kinds of pets they allow to travel, if there are any size restrictions and any special requirements for the crate or container they travel in. The quicker you get these questions out of the way the better, because you need to get your pet accustomed to your crate too, in case you need to buy a new one that fits airline regulations. 

Know About Pet Regulations in Various Cities 

Since a few pets tested positive for the coronavirus in various places all over the world, people have been careful around them. Many restaurants and even cities have disallowed pets in the premises, even though experts have rejected any rumors of pets being able to transmit the virus to humans. 

If you have a friendly pet, try and teach them to stay away from other humans (even more than before) unless they want to touch them. Additionally, try and avoid travelling with your pets while the pandemic lasts, both for your safety and your pet’s! 

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