Holidays With my Dog, 10 Places to Stay

Discover the best destinations to travel with your dog I Pexels,
Ruel Madelo

Have you decided that you and your dog are going together from vacations ? Do not move, we give you 10 ideas for you to do the journey of your life !

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From this moment on you will only have to worry about pack since we take care of destiny . In Wamiz we want you to spend a dream vacation next to your dog, so we have allowed ourselves the luxury of elaborating a traveling wunderlist with irresistible proposals and plans. Ready, ready … TRAVEL AT SIGHT!

1. Go, go … here there is a beach!

Imagine yourself lying on the sand of any cove in the world while the sun's rays fall on your body and with a mojito in your hand. Planazo! Although the best will be the moment in which you see yourself doing that with your beloved furry. It does not matter if you are in the Caribbean or in Ibiza.

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2. Cultural getaway

Do you want your dog to become a cultureta like you while visiting one of those regions of Spain that leave you open-mouthed? Take your backpack and your pet to go by route through Asturias. Its landscapes and the pre-Romanesque secrets hidden in the Principalities will make you dream while the orbayu falls slowly on you, hand in hand.

3. Spa

It's time to relax and get beautiful. Take your dog to a spa. He will thank you forever. In addition, you can also take advantage of a good massage and leave your mind blank at your side. We refer to the evidence.

4. A walk through nature

Prepare only the essential since you and your pet are going to spend a weekend in the country. Think about how good you will be walking through the forest during the day, having a picnic in the afternoon and resting in a rural house next to a chimney when night falls.

5. Camping

The plan is similar to the one we just described, although it only changes the place where you will sleep next to your dog. You will pass it like the Indians!

6. To die of laughter

Or fear, depending on how you look at it. In the Far East, there are cities in which dogs are indisputable protagonists. Do not think about it anymore, your hairy guy deserves to live something like that!

7. Adventurous spirit

We drool, and we only saw the photograph. Walk the virgin places that are left on the planet with your dog. The experience will unite you more than ever and both will return with the chip changed. It's worth it!

8. Route 66

Refrain from cowardice or mischief! Touring the world on a motorcycle is something that was thought for the owners of the bravest and most rocky dogs. Characteristics that should be extended to that chosen pet to go with you on vacation in that plan.

9. A weekend in the city

That also relaxes. Book in a charming hotel in the city and … your dog rests next to you! You will feel like kings!

10. Sports of risk

For everything there is a first time. But tell it to all those daring people who have gone with their adorable dog to catch waves. From Australia to Hawaii through Biarritz.

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