Everything You Need to Know About This Adorable Little Guy!

Cat of the Munchkin breed | Wikipedia

We tell you all about the cat Munchkin, an adorable small breed that is capable of falling in love at a glance.

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If recently in Wamiz we talked to you about the Sphinx or Sphynx Cat, today we want to tell you all about an adorable small cat that we have completely fallen in love with. It is the Cat Munchkin, an animal of tender and playful appearance that has its origin in a natural genetic mutation that occurred in the United States. He has a round face and small ears, which gives him an image of a good-natured cat that falls in love with you from the first moment you see it. We tell you everything about him below, but before we show you a funny video in which you can see several copies doing theirs.

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Where are you from?

In the eighties a cat was found in New York with very short legs that had a litter of several specimens, some with normal legs and others with short legs. That is considered the origin of this race, since, although several previous cases had been identified, they had ended up losing track. In the nineties this breed gained great popularity and became entrenched in American society. While there are people who consider this size of the legs as a sign of a malformation in the spine, the truth is that this animal can grow and develop with total normal.

Main features

It is a small or medium-sized cat in its adult stage, which has a balanced and well-formed body. Despite having the short legs, this does not imply any impediment and is capable of normal life. Sometimes the hind legs are longer than the front legs. Its fur is soft and velvety and we can find them of all colors.

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How is your character?

This cat has a very sociable character, since is used to being with humans most of the time. It is very familiar and is suitable for living in all types of houses, although it is especially recommended for the floors. Like other cats, he gets along very well with children and can even live with other pets, since he has a very tolerant character.

What care do you need?

The truth is that in this sense, their care does not differ in excess of those of other cats. You have to give it a quality food and prevent it from becoming sedentary, since it could be overweight. Must brush it regularly, especially if it is a long hair, to avoid the formation of knots in their fur. It is convenient to go a couple of times a year to the veterinarian for their revisions and to do it whenever any symptom of illness is detected. Finally, we must not forget keep the vaccination and deworming calendar up to date.

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