15 Drawings of Dog Silhouette Tattoos to Inspire You in 2018

Trend tattoos in 2018 I Instagram

You are clear that you want to get a tattoo, and also that the "prota" is going to be your favorite hair … We give you the best ideas to make a tattoo of your dog's silhouette !

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Getting a tattoo is a complicated decision, but if you do it for your dog, there is no fault. He will be by your side, as the best of your faithful friends, until the end of his days. You will not regret, at least the theme chosen to record it forever in your skin, although it may not happen the same with the design you choose. If you are one of those who already have several tattos throughout your body, surely several ideas are in your head, but if not, take note!

We already gave you some ideas in Wamiz of dog tattoos, of all types, sizes and colors, and today we stop the something more specific: dog silhouettes that mark a trend this year and with which you can inspire you to make the decision.

Fashion Silhouettes on Instagram

We started by showing you some of the designs that most triumph on Instagram in 2018, like the one of the puppy "crashing" the hand of its owner or those of the traces of the animal. The result is great, but if you do not want to bring what "everyone has" … Keep reading!

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Small and simple

In this section we have some variants: the simple silhouette and in black, which may vary according to the race of your furry; you can also give him a color note with a heart, for example, that reflects your love for him; or, why not, choose a more original design but with simple strokes.

A different tattoo

Here are two examples, but on Instagram there are many more (you can also let your imagination fly). You can choose a design with a part of your dog's silhouette or, why not, give it a color note that also reflects a part of its character. We love them!

Geometric shapes

Whether your face or your entire body, these designs with geometric shapes are super original. You can do them both in black and white and in colors.

The face of your dog

That cute little face, either in the most realistic version or with some decorative detail that makes the difference. Sure bet!

More abstract models

The tattoo you decide to make can be as original as you are. Look at these two ideas … I'm sure you already had something similar in mind if you're one of those who flees from the traditional.

If you also have a cat

And if you have a cat besides a dog, or both of you like animals alike. What prevents you from putting them together in your next tattoo?

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