3 Key Qualities to Look for In a Good Dog Boarding Kennel

Good Dog Boarding Kennel

Your dog is part of your family; it’s hard to leave them behind when you’re going on a trip or heading off to work every day.

What can you do to make sure your pet is well-taken care of when you can’t look after them yourself? How can you ensure they’re getting enough attention, and that their needs get met?

The answer: finding the perfect dog boarding kennel!

It’s natural to have concerns about boarding your dog. There are qualities that you can look for to make sure your best friend is getting the right care!

Here are three things to look for in a great dog kennel!

1. A Clean and Spacious Kennel

When you’re finding a dog boarding service, the most important qualities to look for are in the kennel itself. It should be clean and well-maintained with lots of room for dogs to play.

A great kennel will have both an indoor and outdoor area large enough for your dog to run in. The best kennels will also separate dogs based on both their size and activity level.

Make sure it also has a comfortable napping area as well as a space where dogs can eat separated from each other. When touring a kennel, take note of the temperature and other elements that will affect your dog’s comfort.

2. A Great Staff-to-Dog Ratio

To ensure your pup gets the right amount of attention and care, find out your kennel’s staff-to-dog ratio. Some states have mandatory requirements, but in most cases, it’s best to have at least one staff member for every 15 dogs.

If you notice that a lot of the dogs are bigger or more active, try finding a kennel with a higher ratio. One pet sitter for every ten dogs is great in a more active kennel.

You should also be aware of the staff’s training and experience. Every dog requires unique care, and skilled kennel staff will be able to recognize and meet the needs of your animal.

3. They Offer Extra Services

A great dog boarding business offers much more than playtime! Some kennels will have training and grooming services available. This shows that the staff is caring and skilled while also providing you with extra benefits!

Did you know some kennels even offer you the chance to check on your dog throughout their stay? If they have cameras that you can tune into, or they send pictures and notes to your phone, you’ve definitely found a wonderful dog daycare!

Find the Perfect Dog Boarding Kennel Near You

Now that you know how to find the perfect dog boarding location, it’s time to start searching “kennels for my dog” now! Start your search today, and be sure to keep these qualities in mind to find the right pet sitting service for you and your dog!

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