3 Things Every Cat Owner Should Know

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As a cat owner, you probably want the best for your companion. Taking care of your pet won’t always be easy, but it indeed will be rewarding. Taking care of such a small, cute ball of fur is a feeling you will never forget.

However, many people, even cat owners themselves, don’t know about their furry friends. For example, do you know why you should never give your cat kibble instead of wet food? Or how the best CBD oil for cats can help you control its behavior?

If you can’t answer the questions above, this article is perfect for you! Here, you will find some necessary information about your cat, like what type of food your cat should eat or how you should prepare your house for keeping your cat safe at all times. Read on!

Feeding Your Kitty

Cats are very picky when it comes to food. If you want your cat to eat, you must be careful about what food you will give it. For example, if you’re going to feed it some kibble, you should know that it is not exactly something that your cat needs. Kibble is high in carbohydrates and doesn’t have fiber. Veterinarians do not recommend feeding cats with kibble, as it may lead to obesity, the development of certain cancers, and other severe health conditions.

However, there’s another way to avoid that. You can ask your cat’s veterinarian for wet food. Wet food is something that most cats enjoy eating, and it contains fiber to help your cat’s digestion. Moreover, wet food is a lot cheaper than dry food.

Grooming Your Pet

Grooming is something that you should do regularly for your cat. Neglecting to groom your cat may result in spreading its fur all over the place, which is harmful to its health. In order to control your cat’s fur, you should get a brush and brush your cat every day. Not only will it allow you to remove the hair, but it will also help you bond with your pet.

Brushing your cat is also good for its health, helps keep your cat clean, and takes care of the loose hair, so you don’t have to clean up after it. It also helps reduce shedding and hairballs, which is helpful if you have allergies. Bear in mind that the longer your cat’s fur is, the more work you will have to do.

Grooming isn’t just brushing, though; there are still things you need to do, like clipping nails and cleaning ears. Some cats don’t really like having their nails clipped or their ears touched, so you might want to ask your vet for advice on doing this properly or purchasing products like CBD oils to make this task easier.

How To Make Your Cat Feel Safe, Comfortable, and Happy

If you want a happy cat, make sure that it feels safe in your house. One of the surest ways to make it safe is to confine it to a certain area of the house to know that this place is safe. If your cat is an indoor-only pet, ensure that you have enough toys and a perch to keep it entertained, as well as help you bond with your pet.

Another great way to ensure your cat’s safety is to get a pet camera. It will allow you to check on it, see what your cat’s doing, and ensure that it’s safe and sound when you’re out for a while.

Bear in mind that some interior elements and decor pieces may cause damage to your cat’s health, and try to exclude as many of them as possible. For example, some essential oils, plants, and flowers – like lilies or sago palms – may be toxic for your cat, so it’s better to keep them away from your cat’s place and consult with the vet whenever you want to bring new plants or flowers home.

The same applies to scented candles, but they can be even more dangerous for curious cats because of the flames. So, make sure to keep them and use them where your cat cannot reach them or consider switching to flameless candles. The latter is an excellent alternative, as flameless candles will still maintain the cozy atmosphere but are much safer around pets.

Final Thoughts

When deciding to get a cat, it is crucial to educate yourself regarding its breed as well as general safety precautions. Thus, you will be able to determine your cat’s primary needs and provide it with food, care, and a safe environment accordingly.

Remember that every pet is an individual case, so it is vital to visit your veterinarian regularly. It will allow you to minimize or prevent most of the possible health issues entirely and ensure that your pet will live a longer and happier life. Take good care of your cat, and it will reward you with love and affection!